Monday, January 10, 2011

And there we go !!

Today, 10th Jan, is and will always be an equally speacial day for both of us..!!
In one word, Beautiful!
After a long long time, i feel kinda relaxed and free from worries .
However, Dec had been a rough month and exams were on along with, so twaz pretty hectic.
But with this new year, we hope things will get better and everything will be good like before.
God Bless! (:
Take Care!


  1. Love binds hearts and shall always in its own form,driving the best forward and dampening the worst if it happened ever.Closing the eyes,feeling the love in heart,remembering the wonderful moments spent so far,god let it be a dream yearning to be realized forever.

  2. Totally, Its actually a moment thats worth a lifetime!! :)


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