Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Ludic Life

I wish things could take a break
Just like this wish, I wish
Those moments can come to a standstill -
- And once, I feel the vacation as is.

Summer's a ludic life's crazy new
Layered nostalgia, netting the sunlight through
Years away and years closeby
Gone the kiddy days, welcome the hi-fi

Drawing a curve and smiles and more
Replete with the good ol' love in store
The darling who's my favorite of all times,
Sliding through, as effortless as windchimes.

Change's a chaotic mind's best ally,
Kills the mundane and unstrings the ordinary.
Leads the heart to where it ever belonged
A gleaming night scored with a pleasing love song.

Let's call the days off and experience the deep within
Club it as one and pinch the glorious daydreamin'
Together we pick o'er the years and call the forbidden
Time to ride the home card and re-enter the origin.

Listen to "Anyone who knows what love is" in the meanwhile.

P.S. Too much going on and busy-ness has become a way of life.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Some Soul Searching

Dear You,

The voids that distance creates are at times, unbearable. You feel the strong urge to leave everything and fly away or maybe just to shut down and sleep. Any which way, you don't feel like your truest self. Something in you keeps missing when you listen to some song that strings back to that someone or you visit a place which is lined up with their memories. You unknowingly carry their presence everywhere you go. Staring at the phone and hoping for their text to pop up doesn't help and that badly wanted familiar knock on the door never happens. You replay the conversations in your mind several times and smile at all cute instances. Closing your eyes and wondering what would they be doing anyway?! These walls seem to become your best friends, they listen patiently and don't judge you or have an important pending task to make you continue the episode later. You can pour out to them anytime. Walls and air and these objects, they help you find comfort near them. Don't mind you staring at them like a lost kitten too.

And finally, when the day draws nearer, you feel a weird emptiness, these past days without physical closeness, you somehow become a warrior. Fighting battles with the inner conflicts, consoling your own self, blaming some xyz for all that's happening, and being sleepless but tired.
You lose the talks that you thought you'll say and struggle with words that you'll utter. Anxiety and tension take over, making you, maybe, change your decision.
Then the good ol' heart strikes in and kicks you with its tiny vein pumping some sense and much-required confidence in your being. You gather the lost courage, walking up to them, to feel the same way as before. Kissing them goodbye was genuinely the hardest thing ever. This moment, seeing them back turns out to be priceless. Don't miss it, you've earned it with all your will.

With Love, Me.

Listen to the song entitled Dear Zindagi from the beautiful movie Dear Zindagi here

Friday, September 9, 2016


Part 1
Until it stuck me hard in the head, I wasn’t brain-dead
Dilemma of understanding the nuances was too far-stretched
An allusion to the famous political leader and a metaphor on the suppressed
Personifying the knees and changing the whole darn subject

Literature, the ray of hope, might save the day,
Make sure I know of eras and movements and all that came in the writer’s way
Don’t forget to study the characters and plot and structure and themes and blah blah bleh
Picture the scene before it begins and please, please, please assess an extended essay

Formative is taken care of; did you hear that anybody say?
IOP and IOC for the lasts two parts, I’ve to judge you also in FOA
Written Tasks 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 and whatever shit to check and give away
Paper 1 and Paper 2, kill me with the blues, and bury in a graveyard of straw-baray.

Part 2
 So what am I talking about exactly?
It’s teaching IB that got me immensely
Ain’t no cake walk sweetie, ain’t no ‘Live ever after happily’
More about reading between the lines – analyzing perfectly

Flooded with research, corrections, conventions, mails, preparing PPT
No time for love or a good laugh or anything joy and glee
It's NOT okay - yet another cynical class spree
Question - Seriously, who made this fucking IB!!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Of Solitude and Camaraderie

Why mustn't I be only and lonesome?
When you – my dear beloved – are miles away
What about those days we spent in the vicinity of each other’s smiles and words
Those which never dulled out for you were present, alongside
Striving for spending yet another day and yet another hour
Where are the lunches and dinners we used to prepare?
While you saved the very last bite to kiss my lips, always
This distance, growing in abundance and, seeming infinite
Is equally prosaic as it is appalling
More of the latter and less of the former but certainly a blend

Why must I be only and lonesome?
When you – my dear beloved – are just steps away
Struggling your way through jobs, untouched and people, unnoticed
And guiding upon me as my Guardian Angel, the one they call ‘Michael’
As the week comes to a close, my eyes, once again, shine
For it will bring You, along with
To paint my days with yet another hue and yet another colour
And embellish my nights with matchless care and immaculate passion
The distance, ceasing to end and, seeming in disguise
No longer prevails.

Tune into Ed Shareen 'Thinking Out Loud' already.