Friday, September 9, 2016


Part 1
Until it stuck me hard in the head, I wasn’t brain-dead
Dilemma of understanding the nuances was too far-stretched
An allusion to the famous political leader and a metaphor on the suppressed
Personifying the knees and changing the whole darn subject

Literature, the ray of hope, might save the day,
Make sure I know of eras and movements and all that came in the writer’s way
Don’t forget to study the characters and plot and structure and themes and blah blah bleh
Picture the scene before it begins and please, please, please assess an extended essay

Formative is taken care of; did you hear that anybody say?
IOP and IOC for the lasts two parts, I’ve to judge you also in FOA
Written Tasks 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 and whatever shit to check and give away
Paper 1 and Paper 2, kill me with the blues, and bury in a graveyard of straw-baray.

Part 2
 So what am I talking about exactly?
It’s teaching IB that got me immensely
Ain’t no cake walk sweetie, ain’t no ‘Live ever after happily’
More about reading between the lines – analyzing perfectly

Flooded with research, corrections, conventions, mails, preparing PPT
No time for love or a good laugh or anything joy and glee
It's NOT okay - yet another cynical class spree
Question - Seriously, who made this fucking IB!!

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