Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Aaand the Award Goes to...

While checking the comments on one of my posts, I came across this one,"I just gave you an award on my latest post, Go grab it sweetheart :) :*
Wow, receiving my first Blog Award by Ayu was just like getting a bournville bar in a horror dream. I mean, for once, I though, what, really, shit, yeah :D
Honestly, I was awed a great deal :) :*
This Award being first one to me, deserved a separate full fledged post and I'm glad to pen it down here :)
So, as per the rules, (these rules, being different from the exam rules, are quite fun, lol), So, here I go :

Thanks a ton for this sweet gesture Jholi, it will always occupy a special place in my heart!

Link Back to the person who gave you the award: Done above :)

Share 7 random Things about yourself : Umm.. this one sounds pretty exciting. Well, here it goes:
1. Funny, witty, slapstick comedy is always a treat to me. Though there's a fine line between being vulgar and funny :P
2. I love Pasta with white sauce like anything. And I wonder how people hate this melt-at-lightening-speed-in-the-mouth-dish!
3. I love shopping especially when it is for clothes and bags and shoes. JUST WOW.
4. If I love someone, I love him/her with everything I have and vice versa.
5. Nothing gives me more pleasure than being with my loved ones, they complete me, anyday!
6. I like counting stars at night and discovering different constellations simultaneously. That Pole Star is like a cherry on the top for me :)
7. I kind of enjoy long drives with slow soul warming music. It's the best remedy for any disturbing element, trust me!

Moving on to the next one,

My Favorite song: There are loads of them, seriously, I keep sharing my playlist in installments here right. Still, I'll say "Everything" by "Lifehouse" and "Love is you" by "Thomos Godoj" for that matter! :)

My Favorite Dessert: Anything Chineese or made my Maa :)

What piss you off: Dishonest, double standard, wishy washy and people who try to copy others.

Biggest fear: Well, losing my loved ones. Apart from that, Bring it awn, baby! :P

Best Feature: As my friends say, My Cute rabbit smile :)

Everyday Attitude: Simple, grounded and High on Life.

What is Perfection: Anything that surpasses the ordinary in a positive way!

Guilty Pleasure: Be it a warm summer night or a chilly winter night, All I ever desire is being wrapped around by those cozy protecting arms of my man!

15 blog awards: For words which once touched my soul and nourished it inside out, I feel heavily honored giving away this award to the very deserving. Here are few of those magical people. I love them all anyway!

1. Let's Share Lives: By Suree Beniwal. The one who believed that I can write some real good stuff in the first place. The one whose words brighten up my day like nothing else. No comparison, seriously!

2. Nature:  By Vaibhav Singh: Amazing poetry he knits. :)

3. Little Moments Of Bliss: By Ayu (That's how I address this Pretty Lady) Always ready with something or the other in her little cuddlish snuggly little world enough to take you by surprise :)

4. One Life. Many Moments: By Twisha Maniar. A superb Interior Designer with such awwfuckingawesome color combinations. Breath taking. :)

5. Yarn Of Words: By Aakriti Malik. A sweet fun interesting hippy person, always there for her friends and to cheer them up with her coated-with-sheer-honesty-posts.

6Words:  By Saru Singhal. An extraordinary poetess and Writer. Whenever I visit her page, I feel like I've traveled to some other galaxy altogether. Simply splendid.

7. Welcome to My World: By Nirati aka Blahblaholic. A cute kiddo on the block No less than anyone else. It's difficult to believe that a teenager merely 17 can pen down this freaking well. Reading her Innocent-sexy-girlie-sweet-stuff has always been a deal of pleasure.

8. Deeviations: By Dee. Her self description is just fabulous. The way she put those out-of-this-world-posts together. Wow. Her posts are rich, soft and gentle. Very deep and full of life at the same time.

9Confessions of The Chocolate Obsessed: By Priyanka Victor. She can twist, turn, blend any damn story any damn way adding that unique flavor of a brilliant writer. Rarely found and distinctively marvelous work.

10. Diary Of a Narcissist:  By Abhishek Ranjith. This blog is bound to take you on a laugh riot. A fun-all-the-way-with-no-strings-attached-whatsoever blog which is as hilarious as this person himself. Superb.

11.Weakest Link:  By Rachit. Though I never invite non fiction from the very start, but here is some real nice exception. I did enjoy reading your blog very much. To the point and well written :)

11. My life through My Lines: By Sahil Khanna. I came across this blog few weeks back and it did impress me a big deal. The poems and articles are straight-from-the heart and worth reading.

12. From the heart, for the heartsBy Hemant. A creative day dreamer who values emotions and sentiments in their best form possible. Very down to earth with a sweet and simple way of writing.

13. A Girl's Diary: By Khushi. Though I hate cooking and everything related to it but this blog helped me change my mind and made me think for once that It ain't that bad I took it to be. She makes some extra tempting mouth watering dishes, I so wanna try all of 'em all at once. :)

14. Joshi Daniel Photography: By Joshi Daniel. A superb photographer who can capture any detail whatsoever with such ease and clarity of thought. In one word, Awesomely Awesome :)

15. Love Is Paradise:  By Parul. A new blogger. Wrote only one post to count but as I said, I'm dead sure that she gonna rock one day for I believe in her a bit too much. She is a sweetheart and I just couldn't resist mentioning her name in this list :)

Pheww.. I did it finally!! ;)

P.S: I know I'm kinda obsessed with my 'Astro Spree thing' now-a days which is not that worth for you to spare your precious time and read, but, frankly speaking, Now that I've taken it, I just can't leave it halfway done. Other Zodia People are eagerly waiting for their turn out there right. I'll try my best finish it off Asap, Yeah , I promise :)

P.P.S: Check out "Rich Girls" by "Gwen Stefani". It's my current ringtone and a cool funk song too. ;)
Have an amazing one, mate.


  1. Congrats Risha, very well deserved one... And thanks:)

  2. you know my world's sweetest angelic sis I held my breathe till I scrolled to the end of your list and when I finally saw my name there I jumped so high on my bed that I could have crashed against the ceiling and brought it down , I could have cried too you know :):):):):):):) I love so much for this , here is a sissy hugggggggggggggggggggggg :* :* . YOU ARE MAGIC and your blog MAGICAL :)

  3. And why is this ninja on the top of everyone's list ????? Every time I see or hear his name I fall harder for him , omg he is so irresistible !!! :D ..pataa hai when he first sent me link to your chhhhweeet 'magical' blog , he said "ye le key to jannat , enjoyyyyy " and after reading your blog I could not agree no more.You are simply amazing :) :)

  4. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
    WOw. Am i elated?? hell yeah! :P

  5. awww, Thanks baby :))

    Ecstasy just enveloped me :)

  6. @ Saru Di: You deserved it too :) Thank you :)

  7. @ Parul: Awww Sweetie :) You anyday deserve this and lots more :) And I love you too. Your words made my day. Gosh, I so wanna hug you right now! Come here my Over-the-top-loving-and-adoring-dost:) :D

  8. @ Twish: :D:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
    Even I was hell much while writing it here! You deserve this my soul sista :)

  9. @ Ananya: Yo baby! Thank you !! :)

  10. @ Ayu: You deserve it sweetheart!! :) :*

  11. Hey nice blog :) thanks for visiting mine :)
    do follow me too :)

  12. Followed :)
    Thank you Amna :)

  13. You are so awesome Risha.... :) :) :)

    Hugs >>:D<<

  14. WOW. Aren't you just the biggest sweetheart!!

    Thank you so very much, milady:)
    It means a lot to be appreciated like this.

    And congrats on yours!

    Mucho love.

  15. Congratulations !!!
    Nice Blog!

    Thank you so much for you lovely comment at my blog.


  16. Congratulations for the award and i wish you get many more in coming days....:))

    and btw thanks for the visit at my space plz do come again...!!!

    Best wishes,

  17. @ Abhishek: I know I'mma Awesome :D :D
    You deserve it Dude :) Hugs :)

  18. @ Priyanka: The pleasure is all mine Darlin' :) :*
    You deserve this :) Hugs <3

  19. @ Hamza Bin: Thanks a ton there!
    You own a lovely blog 2!
    Keep coming back :)

    Love, Risha :)

  20. @ Irfanuddin: Thank you so very much!!
    Liked your work and I'mma follower now :)
    Keep visiting!

  21. Hey, congratulations :)

    I love star gazing too, it's a surreal experience.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  22. @ BA: I second that.
    Thanks for reading :)

    Cheers, Risha :)

  23. Awwiieeeee *turns a deep shade of beetroot red*

    Thaanku sho sho shoooooo much Diiiiiii !!! :D

    Thanks a lott :">

    And that Astro thingy is AWESOME,ok? :| Anyone who says otherwise,me will shoot them down :|
    The stuff you wrote about Aries is SO DAMN SPOT ON! It's like each single line is me!!! Except that u'll have to replace all hes with a she :p That was lame,whatevs :p
    I loved that Aries wala post!! :)

    And thanks a lot for this!


  24. And the layout is beautiful :)

  25. @ Nirati: Haha, I'm gonna help you in shooting the moron down if that's the case! :P :D
    And you deserve this award anyday doll! All yours! <3
    And Thanks for loving this waala template :)

  26. yur kewl make mah days glitter (: xoxoxo

  27. cute template >>:D<<

  28. @ Skye: The pleasure is all mine Darlin' :) Thank you so much *hugs*

  29. Hey Risha...
    Thanks a ton for the award :)

  30. You so well deserve it Hemant :)
    Happy Blogging!

  31. Thank you miss Lizard Slayer :)I still remember you as a <3 feet tall cute kiddo running around with a hen(ok mugri) in your little hands and posing with it in a photo studio.As we became friends I realized you were different, like some star which was brighter than others.You were destined to light up people's lives around you , pour happiness and joy with your mesmerizing words straight from your loving heart.And I am glad you started to blog and made so many people smile and giggle with your posts.Time may switch sides and I may drift and fade into darkness but I shall always be proud of you for being who you were always meant to be -- An Angel Of LOve and HAppiness :)

  32. @ Suree: Awww.. that's my sweetest loveliest cutest est est est comment ever. EVER. yeah, fucking hell yeah!!
    I always wanted to be like this, the way I am at present, and I always adored life, regardless of what it brought along with! You caught me! Exceptionally awesome you are Gabriel, an angel in himself. :)

    P.S: I really appreciate that you call my best-friend-in-childhood-my-sweet-naughty-funny-giggly-MUGRI! and not hen. Naice ;) :P

    Love and more love, Risha. You deserve it all :)

  33. many many congrats on your first award..may you get more and more awards in your life... :)

  34. @ MI: So sweet. Thank you :)

    Love, Risha :)

  35. Congrats!

    Visiting for the first time and loving it.

    Write more :)


  36. @ Soumya: Thank you :)
    Keep coming back.

    P.S: Innovative blog name, Lol ;)

    Love, Risha :)

  37. Wowwy wow !!! Congratulations honey *sound of clapping* :* :* You deserve it all and many more. This coming year write your book and send me the first copy :D:D I loved what you wrote about Mr.Charming Beniwal , he indeed is beyond comparison. Life is so beautiful when someone believes in you and brings out the best of you :D <3 <3
    P.S. your dearest cutest 'mugri' deserves a post on your blog and we want that photo too ;) btw mugri,lizard,kitty,penguin ?? You certainly are loved by one and all irrespective of species :D :*

  38. Hey, risha i am so sorry i din't saw this post before and i could not be thankful before as i was totally out of touch with you i really apologize for that.
    Thank you for this beautiful award which i think i am replying so so very late.:( .
    Hope you having a great time blogging and i am actually checking out your recent posts now which i had lost track of and liking them as always...:).

  39. @ Deeksha: Hahaha, So you do know A LOT. :D :D
    And thank you Hon :* :)
    Writing a post on my bachpan-animal-addiction would be really interesting. Thanks for this suggestion Darlin' :D
    Keep visiting. Love and more Love. God bless you!

  40. @ Sahil: Nevermind. I have been away myself for so effing long so that's understood. And you very well deserve one :) Keep rocking!


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