Thursday, October 20, 2011

Astro Spree 6: Virgo

Hey peepal!
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So, the point is, here's the Astro stuff for all the Sizzling Virgo's out there. Check this out guys! 

VIRGO (August 24th - September 23th)

·     Virgo is the sign of the virgin, but you can’t take the symbolism too literally. Although lots of Virgos remains bachelors and spinsters, there are also plenty who finally settle into connubial bliss. Married or single, it’s fairly simple to spot the Virgo in public. For one thing, they won’t be making much noise. They’re not exactly talkative, and they will stand out as some loner.  See the gentle and attractive man standing in the corner there. The one with a tick tock mind, noticing even the smallest of the details. If you see closely, you can almost find him measuring each minute for what it’s worth. Well, he is Virgo. And now see the quite girl with the beautiful, soft eyes, waiting for the bus, may be. Notice her spick and span white gloves, her cool and calm mannerisms. She will have the exact coins for the fare ready in her hand. She wouldn’t dream of asking the bus driver to change a five-rupee note. She is undoubtedly a Virgo!

·     Social gatherings are not the best hunting grounds when you’re searching for these perfectionists. You’re more likely to find them working late at the office than being gregarious at the cocktail party. It’s not at all easy for Virgo to relax sufficiently to enjoy carefree social swim. You’ll seldom see them blowing bubbles in the air or building castles in the sand. They are too busy to daydream and are usually too tired to wish on the stars at the night.

·     The first thing you’ll notice about them is the definite impression they give that there’s a serious problem on their mind they’re struggling to solve- or a vague feeling that they’re secretly worried about something or the other. They probably are. Worry comes naturally to them. One might say they’re affectionately attached to this very habit and that it’s an intangible thing. But their delightful smile will always seem to be hiding some real great trouble.

·     They’re unusually soft, lovely and quite pair of eyes. Virgo eyes are often so astonishingly clear; you can almost see your reflection in them. They sparkle with intelligence and clarity of thought and a purity of expression that seems to deny those secret worries. Most of them are extremely attractive with delicate noses, ears and lips. There’s certainly no lack of grace and charm and there might be a hint of vanity which pops up at odd moments. They’re very critical of the way they look, both on film and in person. You will surely catch them primping in front of the mirror when they think no one’s watching.

·      They’re unquestionably dependable and sincere. However, pretty capable of pretending to be sick when they don’t want to go somewhere or do something. At these the latent Virginian talent comes forth in the limelight. Also, your neat Virgo friend who looks as they’ve just stepped out of the shower probably just did. They take more bath and shower than any four people you know put together. They’re very precise ideas about health, little patience with laziness and very few illusions about life and people even when they’re in love. Male or female, romance never clouds Virgo’s eyes with a thick enough film to blind them to any existing flaws and errors in either the relationship or the loved one.

·     When they’re annoyed by vulgarity, stupidity or carelessness, they tend to become cranky, irritable or scolding. But most of the time they’re gentle and nice to have around, especially around the sick room.  When you’ve a headache, they’re most likely to run to the nearby chemist to get you medicine. If you’re at their place, you won’t have far to go because there will be a miniature chemist shop therein. They will never take or let you take a drug till they’re not familiar with each and every ingredient it’s made of and how it works and so they’ll be an expert in telling you what caused it.

·      Like the Librans, they’re too quick in denying their habits and traits. They’ve an apparent blindness to their own faults and as clear a light when it comes to counting someone else’s short comings. But the truth is that they does see the, and with such infinite detail that they can’t bear to hear them generalized. Try to tell a typical Virgo he’s critical, fussy, an extra bit too much concerned about the health and diet and you’ll face a flat denial. “Are you talking about me, oh I guess, you need to know me better first” is the reply you going to get in return.

·    You won’t find these people lavish in affection or spending money. They’re normally prudent in both the areas, giving their love steadily and handling cash just as conservatively. Strangely, as willing as Virgos are to give efficient service to others, they’ve as almost neurotic and intense dislike of accepting favors themselves. They don’t want to be obliged to anyone but themselves for anything whatsoever. The deeply embedded fear of dependence in old age is what makes many of them live so economically as to be called stingy. But that’s too harsh a word for these people. When there’s plenty of security and no need to worry about money, they will spend money more freely although even then it will be spend with full value received.

·     Though they have absolutely no sympathy for beggars and idle wrestles, they are unfailingly generous when a friend is in trouble. The Virgo who is almost miserly where his/her personal needs are involved will make charming gestures of financial aid to those who really deserve it, or to people they really like or love.  But you’ll never find them throwing money away carelessly, because waste is one of their pet peeves. Virgos labor hard for what they have and extravagance never fails to shock them. They generally have few sharp things to say for the spendthrifts and people who are too lazy to work.

·     It’s hard to understand why they are called selfish since they find more satisfaction in serving others than in satisfying their own personal ambitions. This label probably raised from the Virgo ability to say ‘no’ and really means it. When a Virgo makes an error, which will be rare, point it out tactfully if you really want to keep the friendship.

·   They like cats, birds and small helpless creatures. They also like truth, economy, prudence and discreet selectivity. They hate gushy sentiments, dirt, vulgarity, sloppiness and idleness. There’s a practical nature with excessive discrimination the true individualists, whose keen perception keeps their desires clear of muddy, wishful thinking. A fresh breeze blows through the dreams of a Virgo, sweeping it free of wisps and fancies. Once they’ve learned to master life’s complicated details, instead of letting those master him/her,  he/she can shape his/her own destiny with more certainty than any other sign.

      Underneath their serious manner lies the alluring aura of the Virgin- purity of thought and purpose, symbolized by the Virgo hyacinth. Once you’ve known the fragrance of this beautiful flower, you’re never free of its spell. It returns each spring to haunt the memory. Virgo has its own, secret way of making the heart remember.
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  1. Don't have many Virgo friends... And now I request you temme a little something about LIbrans :P

  2. Had to keep nodding throughout the post that I think I may have sprained my neck. I am myself a Virgo and am also surrounded by so many others.

  3. that was so cool.. i am waiting for u'r Pisces post :P...

    And by the way i did check your cancer post too since my bf himself is a Canadian :P... ;)

  4. Nice, now I know a lot about my Virgo friends...:)


  5. @ CS: Librans, ohh well, they're some real interesting set of people, rest you are next dearo ! :)

    Love, Risha :)

  6. @ AS: Glad to know you agree :) Thank you!

    Love, Risha :)

  7. @ Niya: Oh man, Pieces is the last one, Don't know when it will be here, *sigh*. I'll try to put it fast though!

    And I didn't get that, Cancerians and Canadians, are they linked or something ? :P

    Love, Risha :)

  8. @ Saru: That's sucha sweet comment :)
    I'm glad. Thank you :)

    Love, Risha :)

  9. @ NIM: Yeah! Bingo-Hi-five!

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  11. tat was just a mistake.. cancerian... i was goin to delt tat comment but couldnt see an option to delt my comment there :P sorry for tat ;) my eye is becoming so week or rather i am so distracted theses days :P

  12. @ Niya: Lol, No deal girl. I totally get it. :P :) Nevamind cuz still you rock \m/ :)

    Love, ~Moonlight~


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