Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lying somewhere in between

I feel creepy.
Haven't been around for umm, a month almost.
I had reasons. Lot of them. Some sorted, others I don't know of.
Discordant, the way I reacted in the past few days.
Ill at ease, lied to myself like a zillion times.
Capricious, every fucking second.
Cranky, needless to mention.
Secluded, wanted T.I.M.E.
Heedless, nowhere to go.
Paralyzed, didn't move for more than a day.
Hypersensitive, given a chance, would have ruptured the oxygen itself for being around.
Sarcastic, my favorite sarcasm object, Myself.

A thing of the past this is. 
Still not sure of anything to be honest
'Coz I don't really know.
Lying somewhere in between. 
And It sucks.

Check out Give your heart a break by Demi Lovato in the meanwhile.
Take care mates.


  1. Hugs..I hope things got better for you..lying somewhere in between really sucks :|

    Take care Moonlight :)

  2. @ TOSM: Hugs you back :) Take care too :*

  3. Its indeed painful...though awesome narration....hope u find urself soon :D

  4. Dii !!!!!
    *offers you a steaming cup of coffee and squeezes you with a bear hug*
    I hope things work out for you and start looking up real soon.
    And hey, it's the things that 'almost' break us, that eventually make us. =)
    Much love <3

  5. Hope you become as bright as sunshine once again
    take care
    stay blessed ^_^

  6. Time never remain constant. After a dark night there comes a bright morning. Similarly everything's gonna be fine soon. *Hugs*.. Take Care Moonlight :-*

  7. @ Hemant: I hope the same, mate :)

  8. @ N: Love you. *gives you a beary warm hug back* And that quote, well said. It will make me stronger right! :) Thank you! Take care sexy sis. <3

  9. @ TGITM: Yesh. Hopefully I will. Soon ! Thanks :)

  10. @ MNET: Absolutely dear. *Hugs you back* Take good care too :* <3

  11. the dark clouds are just the precursor of bright sunshine coming , don't worry :)
    Weakest LINK

  12. You deserve a BREAK. :D

    *hugs you tight and sends you chocolates*

    It will be okay. Take care! :)

  13. I hope you coming back to your usual self.. Take care :)

  14. @ CS: I am. Yes! Take care too (:

  15. @ BA: Right above this one! (:

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