Saturday, November 17, 2012

Welcome to the Jungle

Lazy winter Saturday morning, packed in your velvet soft red blanket you sleep merrily and the goddamn clock just blew your eardrums up.
"Office today or not", your mom asks. 
"Wwhhhaaat", you sound annoyed. 
"It's 6. Time to kiss your silky bed good-bye. Don't put that show on lazy-bum", she knows exactly what to say.
You head towards the cab all dressed up and bang! Bump into a car while checking your cellphone? Your nose reflects hues of red and your scream wakes up a few lousy neighboring sleep-ers. Still that cellphone doesn't care to shut up and the cab members screech out of the window with various constipated expressions. 
"Dammit, my nose is dead", you yell in pain trying to budge off that heavy ass on the seat. 
"What's up with you being late every other day? Strict office-time rules we have", one of the members pretends to be Mr-oh-so-punctual.
"Do you have a bandage instead", you just controlling the urge to throw him out of the running cab.
"You bounced into a CAR? Seriously? What were you thinking? Care to take a leave or what?", the second one asked.  
"I'll be fine. My boss won't believe me till I send him a pic with labeled time and date. Besides, I have work to finish", you know how it is. 
Brutal bosses circling the globe. Kick them off the planet, anyone? I'll take you to Disneyland!
"You okay? How's the pain?", third one a little caring. 
"I'm strong enough", you just say for the heck of it.

Climbing up the grey dim-lighted office stairs with a bleeding nose and sloppy eyes, you look no less than a world war 3 prisoner. If there would be any!
Mr. Bossy-Jerky Pants on his desk.
"Suggest an interesting tagline for this image", he orders. 
"Hurry up will you? Can you see the stack on my desk. Four-times the work you do with no Red-Bull supplements. Get this done in the next five minutes, listening?", that moron can compete and win Hitler over with a cinch. 
"Off you go *Jackass*. Here it is *STFU now*", things just clicks the awesome you.

I so so so wish!!

"I see. Plainly okay. I wish you'd come up with something worth. Not really sure of when though", the bastard blabbers.

It's nothing new when you're working. You work hard you get screwed. You work smart you raise expectations. Who gives a *oops*. Anyway. 

P.S: If this post caught you grinning, Welcome to the Jungle *Winks* I may come up with the sequel :D
Tune into this song and shed some flab off for now.


  1. So good to read here after such a long time!

    Keep writing, Risha. :)

  2. Risha you crank me up :D

  3. hahahaha i can feel the pain too ;)

  4. Hahaha Bravo my miss_oh-so-Not-punctual girl :)
    i can feel the pain :P

    1. True that. What's there in being punctual anyway ;)

      Cheers :D

  5.'ve just officially put me off an office job Rish!

    1. Lol ;) Office and office jobs and this so called "corporate world" is too overbearing, I'm innocent :D

  6. Wow! It was a hilarious one :) I loved the conversation & the cartoon as well. A very well framed one :)

    1. Thank you a ton new bloggy friend :D :)

      Keep visiting! Cheers :D


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