Monday, August 18, 2014

Let's call the whole 'think' off

There you are, with your soul-mate, under a moonlit night (or maybe in a sunny day, a windy park or plain road, well, that doesn't matter); you two longed to be with each other in a moment like this and this is it. You dress to kill, wear your favorite perfume and can't stop checking with mirror prior leaving. The world stops the second you see them and you thank God for making it happen. You try to cover your permanent smile with a rather cool exterior and utter simple YESs and NOs for things you can blabber a speech over.

And then, midst all this mushiness, the brain gets in the way.

You wonder, A. “Is it just me or this breathlessly wonderful person here for real?”
Or an average B. “Am I looking good enough?”
Or still okay, C. “Will we make it to the end?”
Or the show-breaker, D. “How am I supposed to pretend I don’t feel overly possessive about him/her and want to scrap off every last soul who eyes on my dearly beloved?”

Sadly no matter what option you go with, your mental boat starts to sink.

Instead of celebrating the precious time together, you fall in the dirty trap of Thinking, followed by the vicious Analyzing and Over Thinking; and aw poor baby never actually did any of it by his/her will. It just happened, every time you heard the word - love.

If you ask me, I have thought about all the above mentioned options at least a gazillion times already. At times, I screwed up while at others, it seemed cute. 

But the point is, ‘IS IT WORTH’

Well if you refer to the sane no-moody-days normal-me, I’ll never do that stupidity in the first place and if I accidentally did, I will drop it the same time.

But then again, I am not usually a routine person, so you can get the drift.

Disclaimer: Over Thinking can be is immensely fatal to health, wealth and every part of your being, better chuck the damn bitch right away or it will eat you without even knowing. 

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P.S.: Tune into ‘Let’s call the whole thing off’ by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong, thank me later!


  1. Oh GOD! This is just awesome. You have written something that describes your situation very well. And I liked how you have written this. Rishaaaa, I love you and nobody can know better than you that over thinking kills. I am a victim of this thing as well and you need to lecture me about how to stop over thinking. Just TOO MUCH sometimes! And keeep writing. XO

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Ridxy. Being a hopeless case myself, I might fail lecturing you with the cures sweetheart; but, we can ALWAYS try :)

  2. Over thinking things is all I ever do, I just don't know how to stop.

    / Avy

    1. I wish we knew !
      I so so so wish.

  3. Seriously . I Overthink Things.

    1. There it is. Seems like we all do, some, a little; others, like me and you !


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