Sunday, November 14, 2010

ABC B.Tech (1st - 6th sem), Results out..!!

26 Aug 2010, 11:30 am

A pool of mixed thoughts comprising of almost half of the existing emotions namely anxiety,nervousness, excitement,fear, tension and pressure were running through my mind with the speed of millions and zillions per microsecond. Considering the fact,that this result gonna
play a major role in deciding the eligibility for the upcoming placement interviews, the present state was quite justified. As a
matter of fact, i have this superstitious belief in some minute corner of my 24*7 confused brain,that if i,myself see my own results, it is
bound to bring misfortune along with. So, even after downloading the respective pdf's , i called up my friend to disclose the same to me.
Unfortunately, it was just not my day. I had supplementary in one of the most important subjects of my course - CONTROL SYSTEMS. However, all the other super lucky bitches and dogs in my group were all cleared. Huh!! I was held in a fix for about a couple of minutes, then tried to recollect my normal self back and to react in what we call 'a mature way'. But, it was difficult, damn difficult. The only thing i
could think of was 25/100. 

Well, even then something worked in my favor. My free sms's scheme saved me from facing the expected and annoying situation of
want-to-hang-up-but-couldn't during a voice call. I texted all my friends(2 or 3 max) and a few couzins (about zero i guess, ok neglect
it) about this super cool result of mine instead. Ahh!! There they go. Criticism regarding MDU pathetic marking scheme
began, for they, for some reason used to take me as an above average student who was unworthy of such poor marks,(and yeah..i accept,it kind of made me happy). Others showed sympathy, saying everything will be fine, stay focused and perform well next time. Blah ! Blah! Blah!!

They all failed. As For me, i don't need pity, just a lil support and understanding and i'll be all good by the end of the day. Anyhow, deep down, i knew it was bound to happen, as i'd screwed up my exam before,did blunder to the innocent (ok, not so innocent,frankly speaking) numericals . Bearing up with the consequences, i decided to take a nap for awhile. However, my eyes refused to obey my mind's instruction and grew even more wider therewith. Hate them for this. Well, there is a thing worth mentioning here, i've this ultra bad
habit of over thinking.And all it did was,add up to the already messed up scenario. Phew.. 
Ugh, well i guess i've pen down a bit too much about this awful day. 
Lemme concentrate on the bigger picture now, moving on with life and
instead welcoming a new day with new plans and new thoughts. 'Cuz these things happens, you know, part of the game. And for a strong girl like me, none of this can ever bring me down..

To be Contd..


  1. All I can say is, it's not the end of the world

    All the best for future
    stay blessed ^_^

  2. Yeah, Thanks! :)
    The only one reading my first ever post! You deserve a salute! Thanks again! :)

    Love, Risha :)


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