Monday, November 15, 2010

That cute sis - sy smile.. :)

7th Nov 2010 Our fight.. :(

Well, to break the ice this post is about my sis.
Minutes, hours,days and now one complete week has passed and we both haven't spoken a word to each other.
It is obviously a big deal to me and probably to her as well because nothing like this has ever happened before. Even if something went wrong, we would just forget about it, like it never took place. But this time is not the ordinary. I mean yeah it was my fault, i got extra possessive regarding some materialistic gift and yelled at her as she used it in the first place. Immature right. Ahh, i know. But now, it's getting so much suffocating. Being in the same room and avoiding even the tiniest of eye contact. Aint cool. I'm missing her cute smile way too much.
So,In order to please her and cut this crap once and for all, i bought her an Apology card and the perfect gift of all times and one of her favs too, Chocolates. Unfortunately, they are still hidden in her room.. unnoticed. I'm going nuts here and she is sitting and searching for nothing. Well, when will she see 'em.?
Anyways, Fingers crossed. Patience on. I hope they work   :)


  1. sounds like india-pakistan melodrama ;) hope u girls sort it out the girl way :) well written

  2. fortunately, everything turned out well the same day itself. :)

  3. Glad to know it all worked out pretty well :)

  4. Yes It did and even better! :)


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