Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A chit chat in disguise..

Where to start from... 
Well, I had this bestie (at least I took her to be) in my young schooling years, to be precise, when I was in fourth standard.(I'll keep her name to myself for privacy concerns). Sadly enough I had to switch to some other school and we split..
For obvious reasons, I missed that friendship. I never disclosed it to anyone but my heart longed to get back to her someday. In the meanwhile, I forgot to mention about this mutual friend. Luckily enough, I met her sometime back. And she passed on my ‘one time bestie’ email id to me. Seriously, the level of my happiness then, was beyond words. I was on cloud nine. As soon as I got back home, I sent her a friend request. Although, she accepted it in a couple of days, we never got a chance to get into some conversation. I used to write her mails asking how is she and how life's going on and stuff. But, never received any reply in return. Still, I waited, putting my restless emotions at ease. Surprisingly, we met online today. I was kinda sleepy but seeing online sign  in front of her name in the chat list woke the hell outta me. And there we were, finally able to talk, yet again. Casual things commenced the talk, like, "heyy, long time haan.. how are ya girl.. what's goin on great to see you etc etc.." And after a long pause, i got a reply.. "I'm fine, but seriously, who is this.. do we know each other??" It took me aback. The part of her brain consisting of our fond memories was missing. Not even fragmented, it was completely erased. Leave apart recognizing me; she didn’t even know my name. Goddammit. A moment of despair crept in. And in no time my cheerful excited mood turned sour and dull... this was hurtful. I cursed myself for being sucha dupe. I even explicated the way i felt to her but all she said was, "koi ni yaar, hota hai.." What the hell is this hota hai aunty stuff really. This is not what besties do. And none of her words moved me an inch. My long time desire to meet this cute( no more the same way for me) old friend turned out to be pathetic afterall.   
  And thanks to her, for she made me realise that no matter what, expectations are bound to hurt u in the end.


  1. ppl change ovr time , surprising u in the weirdest of ways , sometimes which leave a lasting pain in ur soul.So much u wer expecting , so less they had to offer.All we can do is give it a try cuz life is all about making others' lives happier n fuller.

  2. Indeed!
    And this was one of those incidents, i don't wanna recall.
    For now, I'm cool about it :)

  3. You deserve better people in life. Forget the bitch. Okay. I lknow you dont approve of the word but pardon my language this once. I'm feeling bad :(

  4. @ Ayu: Hugs for you. M all good :)

  5. Nobody is to blamed here. Just let go and move on.

  6. That's exactly what I did! :)

    Thank you!


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