Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Face to face with Ranbir Kapoor... :)

My apologies for putting this new post late. Anyhow, I have something in store to make up for the same.
But before starting on, temme one thing, what would you do when you surprisingly bump into one of your idols.. Who is a renowned celebrity or a famous author or anyone 'beyond the normal zone'. What will be your reaction then... Are you gonna jump in excitement or probably faint on the spot shouting hell lotta times ‘o my god, o my god.’ Really, what you'll do?
Well, I guess it’s time to disclose the hidden secret. Ok, I met the famous, hot and talented youth icon Ranbir kapoor... All you open mouths out there; I know I know quite a cool thing. Huh. And am I getting your attention now... (This is way too awesome). Anyways, read on.
Well, to be honest, it was totally accidental. I had no idea he was at the same place where me and my friend were roaming about. Right then, we saw a bunch of people gathered around the middle of the Central Park. We ignored it initially but a glimpse of ‘Imtiyaz Ali’, the jab we met director caught my attention. Still, I wasn’t ready to believe my senses. And then, we heard a voice screaming out 'cut, cut' a couple of times.We were perplexed. It wasn't an ordinary thing and we were pretty sure about some shooting going on here. We looked for clue and saw these bouncers standing at the entrance allowing only the people with a pass in. Luckily, they allowed us even without one. We walked along the crowd to see what’s happening.
 And damn... He was there. “Ranbir Kapoor”... Readers, trust me, it was purely magical. I only saw him on the Silver Screen till date and watching him there right in front of my eyes, live... Ahh.. I was floored. The only thing I did was shouting at the top of my lungs, ' woo hoo..' Several times. Although, he wore some messy pair of clothes,but still, he was ‘THE R.K’ ( heyy wait, who else have those initials ;) ). And yeah,Off course, there were Imtiyaz Ali along with the other actors and crew members as well. (But none of 'em beat him at getting attention).Oops, i forgot to tell,they were here to shoot for a song named 'Saada Haq’ for an upcoming movie 'Rockstar' in which he will play the character called 'Jordan'..
We were among those DU-iites who were there for shooting, and for the first time ever some fortunate’s were going to get paid for shouting and screaming.. Sadly, we were excluded.... Anyways, keeping aside the future prospects we enjoyed every part of it. Right there in front of the set stage,Mere inches away from this Hunk. Cheering for him and dancing along with the beats. ( wait, i can smell some envy smell.. ;) ).Although, the Sun, I guess was kinda angry with everything. It was scorching heat in this moderate month of November. Still, just a glimpse of RK made it all the way worthwhile. And even after being pointed out many times to put the phone cam down, I managed to get some picas.. We strived for getting just one close up and yeah, gotit. Yayyy.. In the meanwhile, the camera flew over us twice or thrice leaving us hopeful that we gonna see ourselves on the television in a few months. The excitement took fast pace.
As the time passed by,the crowd increased manifolds. Hundreds of people, mostly girls were going crazy after him. Trying to get autographs, pics and all that stuff. Quite obvious, though. And this continued for almost the entire day..
After all, it was a legendary day for us too. And thereby, we found difficulty in concentrating on other things. He, by all means, was the First Priority. ’Twaz a day, hard to forget,a day I met my fav. Fortunately, The one with whom I share my initials. Happy is a lame word for expressing how I felt that time. Just memorable. Will always remain crystal clear in my thoughts. Loved it totally. :)


  1. hmmmm nice
    nd shows ur excitment...:)

  2. well yeah and that, my friend, is quite justified :)


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