Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Exam thrills - Part 1 !!

The time has come.. finally.. umm.. that finally is certainly not an expression of joy by any means.. !!
A day after tomorrow is my exam.. Data Comm.. All cramming and stuff.. wiz totally outta the periphary of my small brain.. Still, do i have another option.. Definitely not. So , be it!
Yeah, yeah i'm trying to focus on this subject for now.. but as the old saying goes, " everything seems interesting during examinations, even mere staring at the wall " holds completely true here. Phew..
Talking about the level of my preparation. well, i dont wanna talk about that, please.. !!
And to all, going through the same pain, i wish GOOD LUCK!!
I do hope that we come out clean.. cheers :)

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