Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Exam Thrills Part 2... Contd...

Damn the university... What actually have we done...?
Why the hell you freaky professors are after us all the time. Seriously, it’s time for you to answer back.
When we see the examination paper, instead of thinking about the answers, we get busy recollecting our memory thinking had anyone of us ever murdered your kid or wife for money, or even thought about the same... Well, if the answer is no, then what is the reason of torturing us this way.
Now, if you mad people wanna live happy and all that, try to be somewhat sensitive to our needs. Even the chits failed to provide us with an appropriate answer. What’s the worst that could happen now? Next time, I don’t wanna see anything like this.
I hope you idiots get it in that tiny lil brain.

Yours not so sincerely anymore,
Students group.


  1. hahahahahaha i can c n feel d pain. hahahaha awsm <3 dis

  2. i bet you can girl.. Thanx for lovin' :)


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