Thursday, December 30, 2010

What's your New Year Resolution!!

 Heyy Everyone..
The New Year is round the corner and i'm pretty sure that like other people, u too might have made, what we call, "Resolutions"..
Basically, over the past few years, it has become some sort of tradition we need to follow along with the other celebrations and fun.
Well, for me i wanna quit biting my nails, yet again!!
(The same resolution.. I've been swearing on from well,not much,just about 10 years or so..)
Actually, its interesting,at least we follow on something, for say, first week of January..!!

P.S - Some critical cases can extend up to a full month or even more, but ,i'm seriously not referring to any here. 'Cuz This blog is for people like me!!

Anyways, do tell me what you wanna change in yourself for now..
The limit is infinite, so don't hesitate in posting as many comments as you like..
Have a Good One!


  1. and my new year resolution is..
    well, ill think and tell ya.. lol. ;)

  2. i wanna quit eating sweets :(
    hope i vl do it successfully. i knw dis is d toughest job 4 me :( luck me bst ya...

  3. misha,temme the resolution soon girl!
    and div, good luck motu! ;)

  4. i will probably b spending more time with my wife and kids who last time failed to identify me as their father and asked me with tht weird look "who r u dude and what do u want ?? u try get cozy wit my mumma and i will kick u out of d window ".

  5. Hahaha, your wife and the army of kids are freaking awesome! :D


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