Monday, January 3, 2011

Random stuff!!

What's life all about..!!
As I'll put it, in one word.. It's nothing but a Dream. A dream which we all want to have a happie ending, an incredible beginning and a smooth pathway.. Its' the basic human nature, and even if we want to, no alterations possible .
Ive heard alot of people saying "I love taking risks, I love to be part of some dangerous game, I wanna do something out of the box , etc etc" .
But, what exactly they meant by saying all the above?
It may symbolize a brave heart, or some ambition or a unique undefined vision with a known perspective..
or  maybe something worth risking.
This in general, depends on the individual, the way he thinks, feels, and sees the world.
Well, the sole purpose of writing this post was an enlightenment i felt few minutes before. Something kinda strange but needed.
Everyday, as we move on with our lives, new people, new places, new ideas keep adding to the pre existing stock, all we need to do is to release those wishes, those dreams, those ambitions from a virtual world to the real world..
Talking precisely about myself, well, i am hell of a dreamer.
Things are like a dream to me and i do wanna see them change into a reality some day.. as we all do. I'm no different here anyway.. Still.
Last , but not the least, i whole heartedly pray for every single soul on this planet and their respective dreams and hope this New Year brings with it tonnes and tonnes of happiness for each one of 'em.
God bless.
Have a good one!


  1. well, i seriously have no idea why i wrote this one here.. so, if in case anyone of you finds it wierd or something, don't blame it on me.. i olready gave it "random stuff" heading!! ;)

  2. Well written.Living a civilized life , trying to come up to ppl's expectations , trying to prove ourselves worthy to others , most people don't dare to pursue what they really want.The best works in the world pay u less than most of the moronic scheduled jobs.Lucky are we if some god-sent soul comes by and opens us up to the endless possibilities that lie ahead of us and the success which may shower our way unexpectedly.Without him , we may continue curbing all that we have been yearning to do for so long , denying who we truly are.

  3. Thanks for reading this random stff too :)
    And I agree we all need that one life turning moment, one ray of hope which gonna change everything for better. That's what I call dreaming big!
    Dream it, live it, love it :)


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