Thursday, January 13, 2011

Exam Thrills Part 3.. Contd!!

Being a punjabi, i must get to celebrate this festival of ours, called Lohri, but...
This word But is sometimes so dangerous ke main kya hi kahu ab!!
Breaking the ice, I'm having one hell of an exam tommorow.. Yeah, Dsp!
I know it's a sicko subject and i should rather not comment on the stuff here, reason being very obvious,
I don't want my readers to fall asleep in the midway!
Still, I did a bit of pooja and thats all for this festo.
Frankly speaking, i'm totally freaked out at this moment..
Our extra ordinary Univ is trying to raise its standards by taking out some real tough question papers, as a result, we all gotta suffer.. Not done Pro.
Anyhow, we all are helpless and seeing no other way outta this, Let's just continue preparing.
Keepin' my fingers crossed and hoping we all do fine.
Good luck people!

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