Saturday, January 15, 2011

Nice Flick!

Saw "No One Killed Jessica" today.
what an inspiring movie, must say!
Last time when i felt somewhat this way was when i saw RDB.
Good work both of you, Meera and Sabrina.
Actually, this reminds me of one thing ...
We Indians have become so bloody habitual watching all those love sagas on the celluloid that flicks like these aint an everyday affair.
So, i seriously suggest u guyz to go check this one.
The candle light march at the India Gate was pretty cool. And how can I forget about the Chandigarh's Human rights, Middle Finger Group.. and that "Kab tak chhat pe rahega , ab to neeche aja shankar" and ya, That comedy Maa kasam idiot and a lot mo!
Well, I got some poor comments still claiming "This movie was kinda Illogical and all.."
But, i loved it anyday..And my friends who accompanied me were a big source of entertainment as well!! :)
And ya listen, I don't know why exactly but you'll also feel like slapping the one who shot jess while watching this movie.
More than that nonsense murderer, i feel like givin those coward witnesses a piece of my mind!
Anyways, Have a good one!

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