Thursday, January 27, 2011

Travelling Back!

No doubt I've always been an impatient, uncanny, sarcastic, kind of emotional and a funny individual!

By saying that, i caught you into a thought process (for those, who don't really know me, personally) and a kind of assurance or maybe a slight grin (for those who know me like way too well).
Well, this is in regard to something which happened today!
While clearing my book shelf this morning, I came across a pile of Diaries that went unnoticed for quite some time now. They had this inconspicuous catchy heading on them, "Read-Me-Now-Or-You-Gonna-Regret-This-Later".
I bypassed it, in the first place, but something in my mind held me back. I took one out of the lot and started going through it. As soon as I opened the first page, I saw my Signature over there, flyin' high, as if I was some president or something. Then there was a question under the heading Physical Fitness, RBC and WBC count, and to that, the answer mentioned by me, was, ‘Never Counted, Doc’. A moment of embarrassment crept in. I retraced and saw the year it was written in. 2003-04. When I was in tenth grade, probably. I traveled back, recollecting the memories and everything related to that very phase of time.
Nevertheless, I saw some manuscripts, related to my friends, then. Bought a smile to my face. Although, we've fallen apart now but, whatever we shared was and will always be idiosyncratic in its own way. Surprisingly, my way of interpreting things when I was merely a kid, tend to coincide with what they are now. Moreover, I found my previous self too, very fond of maintaining journals. However, I used to be a typical moron, for my views had no synchronization in particular. Once i'd mentioned about my anxiety in solving a misunderstanding and joy in watching a movie, simultaneously in the same entry!
Anyhow, my inclination towards this medium of expression remained indifferent. The idea was emphatically the same. A curious writer who enjoys connecting with the readers is what you can address me with.
I’m low, I’ll pen that down. I’m uplifted, hell yeah, that’s worth tracking. I’m perplexed, my diary will be my lighting guide, I’m in a state of anger, this is something I’ll relate to. Whatever the case may be, a pen and paper is all I need.

Frankly speaking, I’ve no single idea what a professional writing is, or even, how to distinguish between those written by an expert and an amateur. Maybe, the sense of connection explains it all, or the choice of words, perhaps the plot or the cover. What I know is that, I find an immense pleasure in reading a novel or an autobiography, which is so true in itself, it tends to draw a remarkable attention, making the reader feel every ounce of it. That is, my definition of a good piece of work. This is applicable to all the creative aspects of the world, be it writing, composing, painting, anything really. 

I have a secret fetish for each one of ‘em and that, my friends, can never deteriorate.
I’d consider myself lucky, If, I could ever learn anything outta these well!

So, yes, I was on a journey to the past and that was an extraordinarily amazing affair. That hidden caption holds exact here.
And with this post, I wanna announce my break time. I’ll be away for awhile now due to some work, I hope to catchya asap though!
With never ending love and affection,
The Blog Writer!


  1. nice work , terrible to see no one s commenting anything

  2. really !!
    thanx anywaz :)

  3. Even my bookshelf is blocked by some of those diaries, lol!!
    Good Job.

  4. Now C'mon, Don't claim that, seriously..!!


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