Saturday, January 22, 2011

C’mon People, Write On Something Here!

Now that I’ve been sorta successful in convincing u and leaving an impression that, Hell Yeah, I do talk about studies as well,(Extreme cases), Read on this one.
Wait, In case u seem lost here, Refer to the Previous Post and even then if You failed to get me, Here’s a Cool Tip: Check out this Website, “”.. And I’ll see you when you’re done with your Homework.
Well, coming back to the point, I wanna have a good laugh right now! So, lets do some fun stuff .
Tell me about Your experiences.. Any of ‘em..
NOTE: That doesn’t really mean that You can write about things like, “My Adventurous bloodshed fight with a big strong Mosquito” or “When I get all freaked out , I start behaving like a Ninja” or perhaps, “Even Rajnikant is afraid of me”  .. See, This is an open poll, and crazy things like the one above are allowed too!!
So,Write anything you feel like, The only condition to follow is:
Just be honest and pen down what seriously took place at some point of time.
Have a Good One, Mates!


  1. This happened approx. 3 years back, but I still remember each and every possible detail as I experienced shame, shock, horror, silliness, perverted all at the same time.

    I know, too much to handle

    Well the scene was that I was watching a movie strictly speaking not vegetarian ;)

    a kissing scene came, and I heard someone entering my room. Immediately I pressed alt+tab to bring the window of wikipedia in front.

    It was my dad. He asked "kya kar raha tha?" to which I innocently replied "kuch nahi". My dad just stood there and scanned me from head to toe for 10 seconds. Then finally when he was about to leave, he said something that made me realize, 'no matter how old I get, I'll always be way too immature when compared with my dad. What he said was, "chutiya samjha hai kya mujhe?" All my brain functions were dead for complete 2 mins and I was speechless.

    Today when I narrate this incident to my friends, they all have a pretty good laugh at it :D

  2. Okay so its pretty late....but still.

    Ummmm...lemme call it "I d Geek".

    Never realized it when or where it started to rise in me...still don't know the reason...but I know when I realized it...When I watched "The Big bang Theory" its not a science show, its a comedy about 4 geeks...n seeing them I realized..."Oh! the story of my life(emotions!!)"...apart from the fact that even those 4 got their girls(no sarcasm)...yeah, I know ppl must be waiting for the funny part to begin...well, if u didn't get it, this is the funniest I get...And hope ppl won't mind if I leave the comment Anonymous(this part's called "saving the humiliation")

  3. @ Shashank: Well, I genuinely request you to beep the abuses here in comments, and yes,thank you for making me smile :)

  4. @ Anonymous: I watch this show as well, so I pretty much no and It is any day funny! :D

    Well, Nobody gonna humiliate you so feel free to mention your name along with. Even I'd appreciate that! :)

    Thank you!


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