Saturday, January 22, 2011

Appeared for Syntel Aptitude Test Today!

This post is for those who will be appearing in any kind of apti in near future and , also for those who have been through this already.. so, It's for all of you, yaar.. chalo padho ab!!

45 Minutes, 45 questions, No Negative Marking.
So, that comes out to be 1 min for each question, Arre, i knw i'm good at calculation, this is the reason i had an edge over others! ;)
acha read on..No more dramme!
Well,'twaz an Online Objective Exam, with three or at max 4 questions on a single page, and one can move on to the next page, only after saving the answers marked and once saved, they can't be altered.
So, one has to be a bit careful here. Moreover, it was arranged in a random fashion with no similar questions for any two consecutive students. So, no scope for cheating..yeah, they are smart!

Ok, there were questions on:
1.Verbal (Simple grammar, few antonyms, synonyms, analogies etc)
2.Coding like if "she is going" is "ABC", and "she is coming" is "ABX", what's whatever whatever.
3.Cubes and similar stuff
 For eg, If a cube painted on all 6 sides with the color red, is cut into 27 smaller sized cubes, so now:
A).How many cubes outta these have 1 side painted Red
B) How many have two, etc etc.
4.Series completion:  What's the next number in the series given below kind of.
One was 0,7,26,63 whose Ans was 124.
5.Blood relations
6Time distance questions as well which were Easy. These constitute of Logical Reasoning part, right.
7.And yeah some Probability Questions .
That's all i remember for now.
All in all, it was ok.
I neva said it went cool or something for me, cz it was my first time and secondly, even if some answer clicked me later,no use, as there was no way to swing back. And i didnt practiced much, so there lies my weak point. Anyhow, feels good to experience this one today.

Good luck, ppl!


  1. How was the result, tell me?

  2. Don't humiliate me in public..!!
    That's not even a question to be asked! ;)


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