Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It's Himym :)

From Left to Right(for those who don't know who they are..)
Marshall, Lily(Marshall's wife), Ted, Robin( <3 her), Barney(awesome))
This Sixth Season of HIMYM ain't that interesting, really!
I mean, I love this show to the core but this one's not matching the level of expectations we had.
I watched 14th epi today, it was way too exaggerated.
Had a nice theme though, 'The Last words said by a person before death'! But lacked something.
Besides, how can i miss on Barney, He was still Awesome ;)
Bdw,Tell me which one out of all the seasons (obv of how i met yor mother, ppl), till date is ur fav!
Mine were season 2,4 and 5!  (:
Hypothetical hi five....


  1. Season 2, anytime :)
    Ted and Robin dated during the whole season :) Loved it :)

  2. We have much more in common than I thought we did :)

  3. I'm sure we do Hon :)
    Season 2 was fun!

    Love, Risha :)


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