Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Starry Night Sky!!

In solitude, which place provides you with great comfort and a moment of self-conversation?
Different people, different views.
For me, It's my Terrace! :)
In the calm silence,
with a view of neighbor's empty roof,
beneath the dark velvet sky
embroidered with the stars
with a teensy weensy yet exquisite Moon,
accompanied by slow cool breeze
earphones plugged in,
taking a sip of my favorite track.. Awe inspiring!

This is the instant when I get to think about all the good and the bad times , smiling or weeping silently.. Sharing even the pettiest of a thought with my self.. Trying hard to count the stars shining above and holding my breath at the sight of the beautiful Pole Star.. Looking at the patterns and identifying the constellations embedded within..

What could ever be more exhilarating than this very night time matched with just the accurate tuning of the starry sky..!!
Every talk, every word, all circumscribed between me and the darkness.. No fake masks, No double standards, No Hypocrisy.. Nothing..

An incredible stretch when I'm undeniably MYSELF!!   


  1. MASTERPIECE of self expressiveness.keep it up.
    As the day comes to an end,and i am tired to the core,all i want is peace in my mind and soul as i worked hard all day long to be known as i am supposed to be known.Looking back at the day , I ask myself if i did good,did i bring a smile on someone's face ?? Did i lend a helping hand or was stuck in my own sand ?? Come my way the shooting star,shine through my heart, brighten the world of who lives there,tell her I am gonna b there unsaid,unasked for.I shall see no light without her,feel no life as flowers of our love turn away from sunshine.Every moment of happiness,every ounce of pain,i am here to hold your hand,staying boarded forever in her heart's emotions train.Guess what’s meant to be will always find a way,love creeps into hearts and decides to stay.Ppl are right to say she aint no star cuz to me she is that happiness showering superstar :)

  2. Beautiful :)
    I like this one !

  3. what you wrote, made me smile. :)

  4. Yayy, Mission accomplished! ;)

  5. quite expressive , brings the crudest feelings out in the open .
    well written

  6. @ Vaibhav: I guess that's the essence of writing. Just letting go whatever's there in your heart!

    And Thank you! :)

  7. Nicely written...beautiful piece..

  8. @ Hemant: Thank you so much!

    Love, Risha :)

  9. There's a place called telankhedi lake in my city a.k.a. futala lake

    I often go there to think and plan accordingly

  10. Your writing is so honest. You are very good with your feelings.
    Mine is when I am out for a walk or a drive and listening to my favourite music. I love those moments. :)

  11. NICE :) I too love stars and the sky and the moon and now the Moonlight also :D Yeah


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