Friday, February 11, 2011

The Supernatural

Inexplicable clouds of haziness tend to surface our mind at the mere mention of the word SUPERNATURAL.
No matter how skillfully we try and bypass this peculiar secrecy, things beyond the scientific explanation does exists even in today's modern era. We even make fun of our superstitious lot of mates laughing uncontrollably at their 'Haunted houses' and ‘Women in white' stories. Have we ever wondered?
 "What if it’s all real and touched?", "What if some anguish upset chaotic bent of thoughts actually forced a dead to stay back until he finishes the unfinished?", "What if stepping on a lemon tied with a bunch of green chilies did cause agony to anyone?" or "What if the loud crying bark of a dog is a sign of a mis happening in the near future?"
Life itself is an unresolved mystery and to make it all the way more exhilarating, substances past the ordinary prevails even in the tiniest of the string!
Not only the Paranormal activities, but there are about several others supporting this very fact, For instance, Ghouls, Demons, Black Dogs, Witches, Vampires, Revenants, Zombies, etc.
Coming back to the occult side of these activities, the main question still stands unanswered, "What holds them back?", "Why can't they just let go?”
Talking psychologically, there can be infinite vindications. Probably, the karma, some form of injustice, attachment to a person or a place, so on and so forth.
 A normal human being gets chills witnessing the like, but do they exist only to create a fearful atmosphere. Maybe, their soul motive is to be around those whom they loved while alive. Maybe, life was snatched away prior to time from these metaphysical bodies. It's not always the same case, they can be good too.
 However, Scientists and Researchers are working to find ways to get hold of the evidences justifying this inexplicable theory. Devices such as Emf Meters, Infrared Cameras and Sound recorders are being exercised for the same which can detect even the pettiest of a movement.  
Nevertheless, it's all in our head. Whether to go with the flow or to abide by what one truly believes.      


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