Monday, February 21, 2011


Sitting at home, almost indolent, with no prioritized work.. brings along the same laid back feeling in its own new personification.
At this very moment, I feel Love!

Connecting the people, bringing them closer, filling up their lives with even more colors and surprises.
Unbounded by the circumference of soul-mates, encompassing every single cell breathing on this planet
The basic element of one's being.
The sole reason of existence.
The most sought after delicacy.
Evenly kind and generous.
An unconditional gratitude.
A selfless gesture.
A journey so profound and meaningful.
An eternity of spine-tickling instants.
A key ensuring everything's possible.
A feeling inhibiting itself in a flash of second resting for generations to come.
Not bearing revenge, but compassion.
Pure and angelic.
A reason binding even the most brutal of the species.
A moment that lasts forever..!! 


What's on that thoughtful mind?
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