Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Friends, Our Twin Souls!!

A night before exam (be it any, God dammit, exam's exam after all, what's wrong with u people!), when u feel like a complete freak and talk shit and do things which are a serious torture to others, Who comes to your rescue?
Or picture this, It's 1 in the morn and you just reached a station or an airport, whatever the case may be, after a long journey, being new to this very old friend's city, who will flash in your mind in one go!
Now, that i love my readers like hell, i have one more similar condition for you,
You're on an emotional trauma, where your lover just dumped you for some one else, who is obviously a Looser! No, he/she ain't lucky, folks, ( Exceptions Exceptions- If the girlfriend who went away had real I.Q despite the Hawt looks or the guy here was real Abso-freaking-lutely-Amazing, Yeah they are on the verge of extinction, No offence ). So, in this particular scenario, who can cheer you up the best way!
Now that u are already through with the Title , it would have been a easy hit :)
(Those , who were in illusion of the level of smartness they posses by answering that, My apologies for the disappointment caused  ) ;)

Yeah, back on track. Know what, this amount of nonsense can only be tolerated by those blessed souls who are themselves the same way..Or don't cringe in the company of one. Perhaps that's the reason, a person can usually be driven by the similar set of species.
Hell yeah, It's our FRIENDS!!

With lovers, initially, some impression maaarna and all that happens , But, with dost-log, you are what you truly are. No need to go that extra mile to match their steps, 'coz they'll definitely match yours someway or the other..!!
Lying to them is simply prohibited, frankly, It's no where a possibility.
They don't judge you by your looks or physical appearance, you are their fav cartoon anyway!
They don't make faces seeing you snoring at night.
They never ever ever ever ever ever tell you, "Let me take the initiative here", while paying bills!! You're their Finance department after all ;)
For 'em, it's like,You seriously took a bath today, cool, where's the treat ? :B
They be by your side even in the darkest of hours.
You don't need gifts to make up with 'em, they drop by forgetting the fight, themselves !! ;)
They always have a way out off the shitanis and nautankis!
They are your Zipped boxes, and you can confide as many secrets as you feel like in 'em!
During any fight or kaha suni, they never let you handle it all by yourself.  They know you'll loose it that way, embarrassment for 'em !! :D
They are always there to accompany you in re-exam ;)
They help you with your love issues along with making lotta fun callin' you Devdas and what not!
You don't need to be at your best behavior in thier company, actually, u are at your worst! :P
They don't show up with a pre-planning syndrome, they just Show Up ;)
Your Maa has full right to scold 'em just the way she do to you :)
They don't need new clothes for weddings, what u r for , haan?
They let you drink and drive ;)

And most importantly, they never stab you or bitch about you to others.
All they know is that even if you are slightly cracked from sides, You are and will always be good to 'em.

Well, the list is boundless, and so do the deeds of our lovely mates!

As some one has rightly quoted,
"If you should die before me, ask if you could bring a friend" !!  

'Cuz without you my fella's, I'd never ever be what I am today!!


  1. I like your site. Thanks! Here is some color to brighten up your day. Enjoy.
    Signed, hobo

  2. Hey, thanks!
    and my eyes are still on a revolving spree!! ;)


  3. amazing
    luv ya dost u rock ma world.. :) <3 be happy...

  4. dat ws soooo true :-P

    loved it completely.... it takes u on a memory trip as u read....
    grt wrk... :-)

  5. @div : So sweet, and u too my goal ;)
    @giti: Sure it does, and so do our friends!
    Thanx for appreciating both of you :)

  6. I loved it..its good to see something fresh after a long time..keep it up :)

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  8. That stirred an emotion somewhere. Awesomely expressed :)

    stay blessed ^_^

  9. @ SS: I'm honored! Thank you :)

    Love, Risha :)


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