Friday, March 11, 2011

Excitement, Excitement!! ;)

Although, I get all excited and stuff like that, quite easily.. This one's making me feel butterflies in my stomach like  shit! Well, there's nothing huge and extraordinary to mention but, it's just a feeling i can't really escape from, at least for now.
Think about it,  What happens when u get to know about an important event to be held in the near future( Not like, a Computer mechanic visiting your place for coffee and certainly not like you planning to turn into a scary vampire by merely watching a similar show), C'mon take on it a more serious note,readers.
The excitement for getting something off the hook, the excitement of witnessing a miracle, the excitement of going on your first date or may be the excitement of sleeping to your heart's content, in my case, this one's the coolest!! ;)
These are the distinct moments,
When your inner self is in complete synchronization with the outer crust.
When the fight between your Mind and your Heart is declared a Tie.
When you don't need to pretend to be someone else and u actually enjoy being what you are.
Even in a crowd, you somehow manage to talk to your own self.
That instant, all u can feel is nothing but
An Undefined Excitement, An unknown hope, a no longer boring life, and a profound happiness inside.
Hereafter,u leave that social barrier far behind and start creating huge mansions in the air with your thoughts. Even so, the whole process is yet to turn out in the real world, it already did in that sweet fantasy world with the best outcomes possible.
A moment when you feel like freezing your life thereby living that instant forever.
In a flash, u feel uplifted and say to yourself,  " Way to go, Man ", with a confident attitude and a bright smile, Yeah people , that's what i'm talkin' about :)

I'm still Suppa delighted and it feels awesome!
Have a good one, mates !!   


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