Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happie Holi Readers :)

Today is an auspicious day in my country, India!
It's the Festival of Colors, Holi !

Well, to the Indian readers, this one might come up as Something pretty normal and usual, but to those who are totally unaware of what is this all about, I'll be glad to help you a bit :)

Well, i don't really want you to doze off, so lemme just cut it straight and short! It's basically playing with simple colors, be it green , yellow, blue and yeah whichever comes to your mind. Smashing water balloons on everyone passing by. Sometimes, throwing 'em in puddles of mud and striking eggs onto their faces too! Enjoying with friends and relatives and eating a hell lot of Sweets and forgetting every mis happening and sorrow , thereby making space for new afresh beginnings. Ha ha, It's all for fun, anyway. And moreover, It's just impossible to escape the excitement this day brings along with it.

It's my favourite festival and yeah, i was green half of the day! 

Not with envy but with Herbal color , lol! ;)

Have a good one! :)

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