Friday, July 8, 2011

Free and Happy about it!

I admit Ive been acting like some Professional Counsellor lately trying to combat my reader's idleness to the best of my capability.
But seriously, I ain't that occupied to be honest. Or lemme put it this way, I ain't no occupied at all. 
I wake up late, at around 10, switch on the TV, lie on the couch and all i do for the next couple of hours is, swinging back and forth on the same channels of this so called "Idiot Box". Yeah, breakfast included. ;)
After I am done with this routine, two things rule my mind, Blogger and mail.  
Any new comments and stuff, reactions as follows:
Yeah, reply them and stop smiling for God's sake. :D
No, Alright, Cool. :)
What's Next: This background looks okay, uh huh, naah, uh huh, naah, change it, forget it, ok change it, well, let go :P
That usually takes about an hour. I check my mails alongwith this funny nonsense, though :P
Well, then.. Okay, U mm, I guess none of you is actually interested in knowing what I do rest of the time of my day and evening and et cetera et cetera. 
Bud, I totally understand 'coz that certainly is too offbeat and not worth mentioning at all. 
All in all, I am free like a bird. Anywhere to go with no boundaries whatsoever.

I am lovin' it, hell yeah!!

Have a good one , mates.
The Blog Writer! :) 


  1. Lovelyyyyyyyyyyyy....bas kahin moti na ho jaye..:p.....n that girl in the picha looks like like a bird , not willing to fly only wanting to laze around...:P..:p..:p....well sometimes i think k ur posts provide me with the best 2-3 minutes of the day...:),,,thanku..:)...;)..n keep writing..:)...akhir job pe kisliye rakha hai tujhe...:P...:P..:P

  2. well blogging is just not a time-pass, it needs time and dedication, so feel proud of yourself. :) And there are few good movies like transformer and X men, go and watch them. njoy :) Thanks for following my blog.

  3. @ Ojas: Yara, mota honaa is so not on the cards for now and ever, i guess. :D
    Btw, that girl looks like me, well, i doubt it, bt in sync with the following line, all i want is to laze around like a couch potato!! ;)
    Also, It feels awesome to know that I'm employed. :P
    Thanks for loving my post yet again, Ojas :)

  4. @ Rachit: I totally agree and I don't need a reason to feel proud of myself , it's just like a designing defect, you know ;)
    Jokes apart, I'll go check these flicks in sometime now :)
    And thanks for following my blog too.
    Have a good one :)

  5. rish its way funny 2 know what you think looking at the background,, seems kewl 2me,,heck yeah & nw that yu a bird fly 2 ohio & we gonna hav ample f fun fo shyo :D


  6. I'm in the same same same situation. Wake up at 12, spend hours changing the templates and finally end up on something simple and suave, eat and then sleep again :D :D

  7. Hi Risha! Your post made me smile.:) Happy blogging!!

  8. @ Skye: Sweety, I am on my way, way to go, Oh yeah :D
    Hugs and Kisses :)

  9. @ Ayu: We usually end up speaking each other's heart out in our posts. Not bad, Not bad at all :D

  10. @ Dee: Your post did the same to me too girl. Thanks for reading. Happy Happy blogging :)

  11. Ah! Risha same happening here but my day starts a one hour after you, then maybe meet friends in the afternoon, eat, shop and come back in the evening, then read eat and sleep... just one difference blog is right now not on my mind :P Awesome vacations!!!


  12. Haha, Those things top my list of daily activities too. :D
    And yeah Super awesome vacations to you too. Have fun :)


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