Sunday, July 3, 2011

Someone's Watching Over You

A heart full of pain and suffering pleads:

Striving for the surface,
Drowning in the ocean blue,
Feeling lost,
and chained
and weak
wanna break through,
Trying to make that one move,
But some loudless voice still holding back at you,
Beatific ugliness in an all new exaggaerated view,
Heavy heart
mixed with just the accurate density of ceramic brew.

An Angel watching over it assures:

Hold onto me
for I'm gonna do any damn thing for you,
Embrace you,
caress you,
Gaurd you,
ohh, that's just to name a few,
God sent me to this Earth
for I Needed you too,
This world is sordid
yes sweetheart, that's pretty true,
Just lay your trust in me and
I'm sure we will make it through.

Courtesy: My Hopeful Mind.
Check out "In My Veins" by "Andrew Belle" in the meanwhile. Don't be surprised, if it touched your soul.
Have a good one, mates! 


  1. well....i knnew this was goin to come after yesterday...:(...:D...:).....i dnt knw ki kya hua hai...but all i can say is that dnt feel alone...we r with u...:)

  2. No Ojas, It isn't about yesterday at all!
    Kal to boht choti si hi baat hui thi, no big deal.
    I'm great.
    And yeah, Thanks for the support! :)

  3. ye na 2011 year hi aisa tukka marta hun galat ho jata hai..:(..:D

  4. Haha, better luck next time !! :D

  5. rish sad,,damn it,,not kewl @ all
    smile&love :*:*

  6. Skye sweety, I'm good!!
    Hugs and Kisses for you <3

  7. so true and beautiful :)

    Weakest Link

  8. Beautifully crated...i agree with you.....from one heart to another heart...

  9. @ Hemant: I just checked your blog too. From the heart.. for the hearts, I guess you understood that line's meaning in it's true sense.
    Thank you for reading
    Have a good one :)

  10. hello Risha,

    nice to read ur stuff...

    & i liked ur blog & the way u presented it... is really very good...

    keep writing & smiling ...
    best wishes

  11. @ Sowmya: Thank you so very much for appreciating, Girl. :)
    I read your stuff too, Nice work, would love to read more!
    Happy Blogging. Hugs all the way!

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Only if angels could roam around between heaven and earth like any other mortal. But then, they are the keepers.

    Nice post.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  14. @ Anshul: Indeed! Touching our lives in a unique way thereby making it all the way more beautifuL.
    Thank you for appreciating.

    P.S: You own a great blog! Happy Blogging. :)

  15. Lovely one Risha...:) I love the word 'Hope' carries with it a lot of strength:)
    always cling on to 'hope' even if nothing seems best!

  16. @ Aakriti: Yes, It keeps us going!! Thanks for loving :)

  17. Kriti Maliya7/24/2011 9:41 PM

    amazing, yes yu rock \m/


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