Thursday, June 30, 2011

25th Wedding Anniversary !! :)

Being a kid, I admit I have annoyed, disturbed and did every small and big mischief possible,
I ate bathing soaps, stepped onto a sleeping cat's tail, stole food from my neighbor parrot's cage, jumped over a fat guy just for fun, watched my sissy slip on the road 'cuz I wanted to show some superman stunt, took a hen to the nearby studio in order to get a memorable pic clicked, hit a lizard with a pebble and saw it's green colored blood, giggling like shit, shot my own self a thousand times with my pichkari wali gun as no one was interested in the same, carried a drawing sheet on my way back home everyday in Grade 4th expecting my artistic self to draw one of the most awaited piece of art of the year and thereby imagining winning an exclusive nobel prize award for the same and showing it off later, pretended to sleep when I knew its scolding time and even became the bodygaurd for my grandpaa and helped him reach the other end of my home safely keeping a check on even the slightest of movement. Not to forget, I had a special AK 47 for this job, the same pichkari gun!! :D :D

Yes, I did it all ;)

My Maa and Paa, they used to get so damn angry with me for I was one hell of a crazy naughty child they had to bear with.
But, know something,  I am the luckiest of 'em all , for I have my Darlings to take all that with a never fading smile on those cute and pretty faces.
It's their 25th Wedding Anniversary and all I want at this moment is happiness multiplied for both of 'em.
I love them for they bought me to this world, protected me, loved me, gave me all I need and made me feel safe in the darkest of hours. 
Heaven this world is to me For I have found Almighty here only :)
Mwwaahh, Celebration Time :) :) 


  1. Heart captivating and abso-freaking-lutely amazingly awesome note spiced with your silly self.You deserve the duo and the duo deserves you.ENCHANTING CELEBRATIONS :)

  2. Wowwy Wow That's a sugar sweet comment :)
    Thanks a ton for your wishes. Stay Blessed :)

  3. wat a sweet way to express ur love,gratitude n happiness on their anniversery....kudos 2 u....n they 2 r very n bada wala "VERY" lucky to have a daughter like u.....:)...may god bless them..n may u celebrate many many many many more happy n loving moments with them...:)...well surely PARTY's ON..:)

  4. That luckiness is reciprocated extremely well, my friend. Thanks a ton for such for your lovely words. That goes for you and your sweet parents as well. God bless, and know what that Party was a hit ;) :)

  5. Hahahahaha loved all the stuff u described that u used to do :P

  6. @ Drrama Queen: Lol, I still do some of 'em. Sshhh.. :D


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