Friday, July 22, 2011

Ssb Journey Reloaded!!

15 July,2011, 7:00 am, Morning! :)

As I reached Allahabad railway station with Maa and Paa, well, acc to them:
1. I am way too small to go alone on a train journey that too in the night. It's all about the NIGHT afterall. lol
2. They were like dead sure that the next morning when I will wake up, all my belongings would be missing and still I will be smiling. No, I ain't no crazy. I mean not this crazy. ;) 
3. I might start crying at night thinking what I am gonna do there anyway. 
4. Some cruel shana gang might kidnap me for I am beautiful and elegant, every kid is, for their parents.
5. I might start walking in sleep and get down on an unknown station like Kareena did in Jab We Met. No, drop the rest of the story, please :D  
So, to avoid all that, they accompanied me.
I was busy searching for other fellow SSB aspirants, my eyes still not ready to wish sleep goodbye and my heavy bag clutching onto my right shoulder tight, I noticed the view around. New place, new faces, new everything. The place was no doubt messed up and smelly. Thereby, One of my college mate introduced me to others she already knew. I met them, had an opening short and lost convo. We were four now, strangers, well, not really. Waiting for the Army bus, trying to avoid strange looks of people around and continously watching the clock tik tok. Finally, it stroked 1. I threw my bag in the air, not out of excitment, simply coz It had to be done so as to put the same on the bus top. Hugged and waved my parents goodbye and got onto the bus. It was scorching heat and I hated the sweat on my forehead for this very reason. Just then heard one of the girls shouting, she was talking to her mom, complaining about the bad condition of the city and the AC Less bus. I thought to myself, what was she expecting anyway, a chopper and V.K Singh, the chief of Indian Army coming to recieve her. Silly girl. We reached the Cantt area in no time and stood there waiting to be called and instructed. All 9048 people have to stay together in 19SSB building and so was I. One girl named Isha was as slow as me ad only two of us were walking like a leg less turtles, all tired and lazy in the end. I saw the potential of sharing bed with her. Asked few necessary things and told the same about myself. Never have stayed in the hostel or anywhere else before, this was something entirely different and exciting. Reached the room, kept my stuff on the floor, and jumped right away on the bed. We were to assemble in the Testing Hall in the following hour for some formalities and et cetera et cetera. Came back, talked to the rest of the girls there, shared a joke, met people from almost every corner of the country. Gave the screening test next morning, got selected, Both I, Isha and other 38 deserving girls. Again filled in some forms and were the last to complete the same :D
Till now, I have made quite a number of friends and a countable acquintances too. The 5 on 2 thing was lined up and to our surprise, none of us had any problem whatsoever. This 5 on 2 is basically, 5 girls on 2 beds. lol. No, not coz of the shortage of beds, just coz we were in deep love with each other. Haha, no, we all are very much straight, but coz that place was cool and comfy as compared to others. As simple as that. Even if we had to squeeze ourselves to make space for the rest, we never hesitated and enjoyed the same like anything. Went for tasks together, not even dared to commence eating in the absence of the other 4, no bathe and everything sepeartely, wtf cmon, Cheered and helped them smile after the bad performance, if any. It was a small happy family, living,eating and doing all the things together.On the first day of physical task during the Snake Race, we were to name the group in order to shout it while doing the task. Jai Bhavani was what we came up with, it was kinda motivating and energetic. Chak de was something the other group named themseleves, so on and so forth.
My teddy beary plumpy friend Isha , Chest No 25, ran and screamed at the top of her voice chak de, chak de chak de. Even when she was all restless , rain drops clogging her face and covering her spectacles, she never gave up and did it, oh yeah, like a soldier.
Mukta, Chest No 37, fearless, smart and free, told us stories when she had to slap a fair number of mawaalis coz they were teasing her and she couldn't take it. In love with her family and dear ones and did it for them. Helped me with the sports questions as well.
Preeti,Chest No 8, coming here for the third time, a total comedian. Always laughing and giggling and falling off the bed, still smiling,finding hard to breathe, struggling for oxygen and even then laughing. Reason, well, she don't need it. Pure at heart and nothing hideous.
Sujaata, Chest No 16, caring, loving and a cool hair stylist, made all of us a french plat and other things too. Slept in the tiniest of the space and ordered me to take medicines on time as I was on fever. Rolled down the obstacle, stood hanging there and came up again, finished the task beautifully.
At last, me, Chest no 35, a kiddo in the race. Happy and contended as I had the bestest of people around.
We all hated Chest No 33, she was annoying, dishonest, silly, bitchy, beep beep and whatever you feel like addressing her with.
Apart from this slight difference, all right from Chest No 1 to 40 were exceptional and sweet in their own way.
Although none of us 5 made it in the second round, but nevertheless, these days were like the most cutest and fun days ever.
Super awesome, Memorable, amazingly cool and hot and lol. 
Looking forward to check out Zindagi na Milegi Dobara soon, very soon with you all. 
Muuaaah my Chak de Gang, You all made the time slip away like a piece of butter. Okay, that came out of nowhere !! :D :P
Stay in touch always and forever and even after that. Love you. Love and Hugs and Kisses and Everything :D :)   

P.S: I just wanted to write, regardless of the bad grammar and crazy words used. Please cope up!! :) 


  1. fun&love&morelove... long live your friendship risha baby

    Skye Woods

  2. SSB z tough and d way u al handled it z lovly..realli wel done,,gud lck 4 d future

  3. hhmmm i m lovin' u alot n keep bloging coz frm nw i will b d regular reader....;)

  4. @ Skye: thank you so much sweetie!! :) :*

  5. @ Aashima: SSB made easy with friends like these. I never handled it, enjoyed it instead! :)
    Thank you girl <3

  6. @ Mukta: simply awesome. That comment made me smile :) :*

  7. I started reading this with mixed expectation....
    Since it was regarding SSB I thought of this to be full of stunts story....
    But this was regarding Risha, so it was supposed to be the way it is....

  8. Hey:) Nice post... It's fun meeting new people and growing close to them only to realise that they will always mean something in your life, even if you don't meet them ever:)

  9. Enjoy reading it, I can so relate to it

  10. @ Hunny: I never want to bore my readers and boast about what all bravery we showed there, lol. I wanted to keep it light and happy and simple, it was more about the wonderful people I met, not merely about the tasks we did !! :)
    Thank you for reading!

  11. @ Saru: That's cool. Perhaps, more of sweet coz it served the purpose well :)

  12. @ Priyanka: Indeed!! :)
    But I am so gonna meet them soon for that matter, and I wish this will stay forever, we love each other and will always do, I am sure :)
    And that font size thing, thanks, taken into consideration now :)

  13. well hard luck! U did awesome, at least with the post :)
    And if you don't mind I have a suggestion. It would be great if the font was in a brighter colour or at least a little bigger coz I had a tough time reading it. Only a suggestion, of course I too have to test my eye soon.


  14. @ Vijay: Hey, Thanks a lot for the suggestion, taken into account and well, your eyes are completely fine, so don't worry! :D :D

  15. And thanks for following. Loved your Blog too :)

  16. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...loved reading it....just my style of writing...hope u enjoyed as much as i enjoyed reading it.....:)....i actually got a sweet look into a girl's group.....ladko ko 5 on 2 karne ko bolo jara......5 k 5 kamre k bahar milenge..:D...coz koi kisi ko sone ni dega...:D...:)...:)

  17. Haha, mast hito hai, sone me vaise bhi kya hi rakha hai jab sab saath ho to :D :D and I to loved every second of it. Thanks for the lovely comment ojas :)

  18. @ Risha Now this looks even more awesome! Customer Satisfaction- you will definitely go miles :P
    And for the follow- I couldn't help it and I'm glad you liked mine too :)

  19. seems like an unforgettable parade :)
    Am glad you enjoyed and made some great new friends :) this post has all the details I was dying to know, no wonder you told me to wait for it :) 5 on 2 must've been cozy ;);)

  20. SSB is a memorable event for most of the people who do it. Even I had one chance, though I wasn't much interested. My parents tried to convince me and my brother too who has been there, done that and got through.
    Nice post, and nevermind the grammatical mistakes, but the clock would not tick again if it had a stroke :D

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  21. @ Vijay: Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance, no matter what!! :D :D
    And, going miles, well, who hates it anyway! :)

  22. @ Ayu: It was fun, fun and more fun every morning every night!! :)
    And 5 on 2, Ohh, you bet :D ;)

  23. @ Anshul: Very true! and seriously, It depends, I loved it 'coz I was so into it, you didn't as you had some other choices.
    Btw, Congrats to your bro. I'm sure he must have done a great job :)

  24. i just woke up after seeing 35 dreams about a girl and this is really good refreshment , you know , the kind of thing that does not force you to think but just enjoy the read.LOVELY legless turtle :)

  25. Haha, really!! ;) ;)
    The pleasure is all mine, thank you :)

  26. No thanks....
    you know I love reading urs "From My Heart to your Heart".....

  27. Kriti Maliya7/24/2011 9:36 PM

    awww it was cute ,, umm more of sweet.

    P.S - I loved yur 'Lemme Introduce Myself' and the look of yur page, ths white and green is very peaceful. mo ova, the way you include this 'other links worth checking out' is so kind on yur part hu does tat ajkal, but yu r different. XOXO

  28. @ Kriti: Sweetheart, there's something magical about this white and green combo, you see :)
    And the other things you mentioned, I love it that way :) You observed my blog really well. HappY Hi five :)

  29. I was shown the doors in the interview table only, seems they got envy my persona :P Read My first job interview. :) I know all those parental concerns and tantrums, I'm quite used to it but after all they are our parents, who else will be concerned. And, no one dares to pick your bag nowadays in the running trains, thanks to terrorism.

    Weakest Link :)

  30. @ Rachit: They sure did envy you to the very core!! :D And you are absolutely right about this parent thing and even they can't help it :)
    Anyhow,the last line you wrote, it is like, "Thanks to the terrorism, that we are safe" :D
    Will check your post for sure.


  31. Very well written, Risha. I loved reading this post.

  32. Thank you sudha. Keep stalking and happy blogging :)

  33. hey, liked your funky way of writing this article. really loved the SHANA GANG phrase, remarkable. ;)

  34. @ Sahil: Haha, shana gang is ultimate :D :D Thanks for reading :)

  35. You are so gonna make it next time.Indian army too deserves a good time listening to your beautiful poems and lovely posts. :D :D

  36. @ Deeksha: I am so not gonna try next time sweetheart! :D But I really went all awww at ur comment yet again. U're so adorable :* Thanks ! :)


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