Friday, August 5, 2011

Astro Spree 1 - Aries

Well, I've something interesting here. This 12 sequel post commences today, so, lemme tell you a bit about it.
I have no idea why I've put on this one here, but I just found it cute :)

1. I ain't no astrologer and Risha Mata kind of someone, phew, please (No, not even in that weirdest dream of your's) 
2. I am not trying to compare myself with anyone who belongs to the category mentioned above, it's their profession and I'm anyway happy with mine. 
3.These are certainly not my predictions (Were you in a serious doubt on that, haha, You think I'm that smart :P). I'm gonna reveal the inspiration and fact-finder name in the 12th and last sequel post. 
4. I am interested in star and sun et cetera et cetera signs, heck yeah, that's the sole reason I have taken up this.
5. I love making people happy with all the possible flattery I can do right here right now, Lol, no, I am gonna tell you that brutal truth (which obviously no one wants to hear, but still, I'll take this on) and no gossip involved.
6. Regardless of the era, age, universe, galaxy you belong to (if any aliens are involved, I'm getting some signals on my Antennae now-a-days;)), season, chocolate or any specific animal you like, you can relate to it with a cinch. 
7. Most important of 'em all, "Are these things true". *Sigh*, sweetheart, you gonna tell me that. I'll be desperately waiting for your comments and anywhere if it gets overbearing, please lemme know. 
8.. Well, enough, okay, read on now mate.

Aries (March21st - April 20th)

*Being the first sign of the zodiac, according to him, his needs comes first. When an Aries person has an idea or something he wants to get off his mind, he'll call you at four in the morning without a qualm. Why shouldn't you be awake to listen to him. He's awake!
Or picture this, have you ever found it difficult to take lead in an ongoing conversation, or met an unusually friendly person with an instant smile. 
Well, probably, you've been adopted by an Aries.
*They will fight for whatever they feel is an injustice and are never bashful about voicing their opinions.
*Don't believe in shilly shallying and always come straight to the point. (Oh well, I like that quality ;))
*His innocence hangs over him and mellows his aggressiveness like the innocence of a newborn softens his egocentricity. For that matter, he is as vulnerable as a baby. 
*Nothing keeps these people down, failure least of all. (Wow, courageous, nice)
*They would rather be caught dead than be caught weak and some of 'em do risk the former to avoid the latter. 
*Never a moral coward but he can be a huge sissy about anything that hurts. For instance, he hates the dentist  like anything. Reason, simple, they hurt him :D
*Normally, mars people don't indulge in drugs. Would never take a sleeping pill and rather prefer staying wide awake whole night, well, he's utterly afraid he might miss on something). So, these people seldom falls victim to any disease.
*They just can't talk diplomacy and that can be one reason of their business loss. He is not money minded, Give him a choice of money and glory and he will happily take Glory anytime. Actually, he's as fond of dollar as any other person but just a few shades fonder of fame and praise.
*These people are never shy though its mostly difficult to express your own individuality around them. Are you afraid, don't be, they not gonna kill you anyway ;)
*Once involved in helping you through a rough time, Aries will walk that extra mile without hesitation, Only on one condition, If you regularly appreciate their deeds and don't forget to say thank you every now and then.
*Well, They are as passionate as their fiery sign. 
*So damn idealistic to sentiments, that they will squeeze out all the tingles, sighs, ecstasies and poetry it's possible to squeeze out of a relationship. They are way too incapable of going halfway, he gives all of himself to the burning instant of the moment.
*If you learn how to open your eyes and look at him mistily and all the rest of it, he gonna stay with you happily and thereby ignore every other existing soul on this planet for you.
*Last but not the least,
They will help you find your illusions and will have a fierce faith in your dreams too. Ohh, You don't have any? Borrow some from him then. Because miracles can be witnessed in their company.

Well, that's all for this Fiery passionate and optimistic sign of the Zodiac. :)
What, You're not an Arien and are least interested in knowing about 'em. Never mind, wait for your sign to show up!
I hope you guys had fun reading!

I'm wondering which song will fit in this space now that we are talking this stuff. 
Umm.. Check out "Price Tag" by "Jessie J"
Have a good one, my loving readers! 
Ciao :)


  1. How long have you been working on that ?
    I'm soo impressed, this'll keep you busy for days plus its fun to know about sun signs. I bought a book about them once, a bitch borrowed it and never returned. ********** ( just a little cussing )

    Looking forward to virgo :)
    And Ashu is an arian, she is 97% of the above write-up !!!

  2. @ Ayu: Umm.. It was on my mind for quite sometime now. And true, I will be occupied now :)
    And, I am waiting for my Scorpio baby too :P

    P.S: I'm utterly glad that it is 97% true, that's a big big relief.
    Hugs all the way to you and Ashu :)

  3. come up with Libra.. m waiting :)

    Weakest LINK

  4. Innovative and something new to read....!!!!
    Will be waiting 4 Leo :)
    Xoxo Rish <3

  5. being an arian is this fun that's just great..:) :) I hv some friends from this sign n they match your points very much.. :) :)

    When is the post for Gemini coming Risha??

  6. That's the first time I've come across a person interested in stars. When is Pisces?

    ....Here I Am!

  7. Hey Risha,
    I like it but I have to wait really long for mine...Song selection is too good...
    Waiting:) :) :)

  8. i wish u could go backwards..u starting from Capricorn...that way mine would be second!!;) Sagittarian...:) btw..this site is supercool for this stuff...its so damn true:P

  9. RISHA MATA ki jai ho....:)..:D.....wat a fuuuntaastic ideaaa.....n again depicting ur superiority in writing skils....:)...i guess this would have been quite difficult for u as it requires lots of search but u managed to pull it off nicely...braavooo...!!!!....i dnt knw how much it is true....but i enjoyed reading it....:)...n to see how much its true...i'll be eagerly w8ing for CANCER....darr mat disease ni hai sunsign hai...:P...n nw a song 4 u i guess most of the people wud like to sing at the moment...." what's ur to bata do na....what's ur raashee...itna bata do na...."...:)

  10. @ Rachit: You gotta wait a teeny weeny bit. Libra's not that near :)

  11. @ Sakshi: Come back in a while for Leo then, It will be here soon :)
    Hugs all the way :)

  12. @ Atul: I'm glad :)
    And Gemini is the third sign, you are lucky, you won't have to wait much !! :)

  13. @ Vijay: Yeah, a lot of my friends say the same :P
    And Pisces gonna be the last one. Damn!

  14. @ Saru Di: I wish I could write all of it in one single post, but that's just not possible :)
    And thank you for listening to these songs. I'm happy they didn't disappoint you. :)

  15. @ Aakriti: Haha, I wish too ;)
    And I'm gonna check that link for sure, let's see if I can add some thing. Thank you :)

  16. @ sm: Thank you for reading. Come back for more :)

  17. @ Ojas: Rofl, I told you I ain't no Risha Mata :D :D
    And apart from being innovative, this research was helluva interesting one. Btw, Cancer will be coming soon, do lemme know how it went.
    And My rashi is Scorpio, lo bata dia na ;) :)
    Thank you :D

  18. Gah, that sounds like the male version of me :P I'm the Arian in the relationship and after that, I feel sorry for my guy :D

    Awesome work, this. Especially the intro part:)

  19. A Good start with a fresh topic...You have used ultimate punches throughout the post...

    I have to wait for mine...and mine is the last sign of the zodiac :(

    Can you gme a deadline ;) ;)

  20. @ Priyanka: Hahaha, awesome, isn't it. I bet he loves you this way only. Dammit, I'm so mushy mushy all the time. But I meant it, seriously :P :D
    Btw, Thanks for appreciating Girl :)

  21. @ Hemant: Ahh, Another Picean on the block, Why don't you people thought about taking birth in April-May instead :D :D Lol.

    And well, the deadline, umm.. will try to cover up asap. That's all I can say :)
    Thank you for your words :)

  22. OHMIGOD wooooooooow so damn spot on!!! :O
    I also hate dentists. Their instruments make me wince :/
    I hate taking crocin or anything when I have fever,I'd rather suffer.
    Omg every single thing there is ME :P I am exactly like that only.
    Har bloody cheez is soooo true omg!
    loooooooooooooved eet :D :D :D


  23. BTW shooo cute you are :-* :-*

  24. ^ Just saw ur pic no isliye :d

  25. @ Nirati: Omg Omg Omg!! :D :D
    Haha, Thand rakh puttar :D :P
    I love it when you type something like this. I so wanna see you saying it live to me someday :* <3
    And I ain't no cuter than you Darlin!
    Hugs and Kisses all the way my Sexy Arien Sissy:)

  26. Awww thank you shooo much much much :D :D :">
    Surey :D come to mumbai .. I'll keep speaking aur aap dekhte rehna meko .. huhuhuhuuu :P okies?
    Aww :"> Bas bhi karo ab :">
    Thank you shoooo much!
    And tons of hugs and kisses u ko bhi :D

  27. Hahaha, sure girlie <3 :) :D
    Loads of love, and very happy friendship's day. Smile :*

  28. Hahahaha =D
    I was going back to my earlier fictional posts and I landed on the rakhi one where I tagged you.
    Read this post all over again.
    ALL of it is true, sadly or gladly =P


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