Sunday, September 18, 2011

All you need is Love, but a little choc now and then doesn't hurt!

This quote caught me thinking. Oh yes, along with grinning like the way I do most of the time :P
Think about it, we all need love, who wants to be hated and ignored anyway. But, when love takes over, don't you feel the urge to have a choc bar, or two for that matter? :D
I know I'm talking rubbish and doing nothing but wasting your ohh-so-precious time, but tell me honestly, Ain't Choc addictive? Hell yeah, It always works for me  :)

I have read a good number of posts about Chocolate and the magic it did to them, and I'm not gonna write a story about "How just One Choc changed the course of my life" , because, truly speaking, it didn't, but it did took away all my worries and sadness, when I was kinda low!
I wish I could give away some bars of my favorite ones  to my readers here.
See, I'm planning to visit a Choc Factory soon, so on a serious note, Are you in ?
Lemme know and we'll have fun! :)

Check out Coming Back to life by Pink Floyd. Okay, you've heard it like uncountable times, never mind, listen to it once again and enjoy \m/
Have a good one, mates! :)


  1. ME! ME! ME!
    But then I don't have to tell you, do I?:P

  2. oh I'm no doubt in :P *Packing my bags and flying all the way to yur Indi land* :D :D :D


    P.S: The image s spiffing!

  3. Pee Vee is gonna kill me for this, but I cannot stop gloating---> There's a new Lindt factory opening in town this month. Wanna head over ???

  4. Meko bhi include kar lo...only dairy milks are accepted here..

  5. In ? I'm in and inside it :P
    I'm so coming !

  6. Eating chocolate just for the love of it is fine, but it will only add to your body weight if the appetite is driven by love or sadness. Still, one bar won't hurt :P :D

    Say Blessed ^_^

  7. woweeee!! u'r ryt!! choc is just awesome!! hey i m in with tat choc factory thing :D

  8. I'm not that into chocolates.
    Don't hate me Peevee :P

  9. if given a choice b/w choc & pastry/ice-cream, i will choose the latter always.

    but ..but...i still want you to consider me for the give-away of your fav bar. PLEASE (folding my hands here, hihihi)

    hey you write like Mark Twain!!! Wow wow wow! cooool :))

  10. Chocolates..anytime.. :)

    I am in the land of chocolates...guess..where..if you have to... :)

    let me know..if you need the specials from here :D

    I might like this -

    wrote it quite a while ago :)

  11. Priyanka will be beaming over this :D

    Seriously! Forget love, I'd rather fall in chocolate :)

  12. Gosh am I the only crazy girl who doesn't consider chocolate addictive...I like it but don't LOVE IT :(... But a visit to a chocolate factory would be fun :D

  13. @ Peevee: Haha, I was kind of expecting you to comment first :D Off course I'm gonna take the choc queen along :)

    @ Skye: I'm so badly waiting for ya my sugar-coated girlie. :) :*
    @Sushmit: Ohh hell yeah. Cheers ;)

    @AS: Which town you live in, temme fast, I'm curious :D

    @Hemant: You are cordially invited :)

    @PK: Haha, You're so in sweetie :)

    @SS: Hi-five for the latter line :D

    @Niya: Yayy, We gonna have fun :)

    @Ayu: Doesn't matter Girl. We will bring one for ya :)

    @Bakshi: Ha dost, koi doubt mat rakhna :D :)

    @Sujatha: Awww.. you don't have to do that Hon, I'm so gonna bring you whichever you like. And Mark Twain, Oh wo to, bas ab kya bolu. I can't blush more ;):)

    @Kunal: The land of chocolates, really, where is it? Wow wow :) And I will check the link right away :)

    @Soumya: Haha, You gonna lead us in the Choc fatory trip Girl , Oh yes, with due respect to Peevee ;)

    @CS: Welcome to the gang Girl \m/

    Love, Risha :)

  14. aaah thank you ;) .. Btw go pay a visit to my've been awarded :)

  15. hahaha choco yum yum yum em crazy for it :D

  16. @ RP: Oh, We all are!! A chocolicious hug to you :D :)

    Love, Risha :)

  17. @ Blahblaholic: Hahaha, Come on in darling, Anytime :)

    Love, Risha :)

  18. i've been craving for chocolate for like weeks. but i want to try a really expensive one so im saving up for it. :) the things you do for a craving.

  19. I am so in !!!!!!! :) :) Take me take take me please , lolzzzz ;) Try Belgian Dark Chocolates once and I bet you won't be able to resist yourself from writing another post about chocolates.Or send me your address I will send some for yaa :* :*
    'Chocolates are life savers' hee hee ;)

  20. @ Aasiyah: Seriously, that so deserves an award :) Saving up for choc, Respect Girl, you're awesome!

    Hi-Choc-5 :*

  21. @Deeeksha: Oh freak, take my address please, tell me your email id or im gonna hire a satellite and look up for ya all over the globe :D

    Welcome to the gang, Hon :*


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