Friday, September 16, 2011

Eh, I need your help !

My bestie is going away from me. Yes, you heard it right. He is flying away to UK for post grad and that's killing. :(
The point is,  I'm gonna meet him again, lol, in a day or two and I need your help to suggest me some cool gift for this cool guy. Anything insane will do :D Haha, no, this has to be special.

I'm thinking of getting our pic framed. Obviously with choc and a card. I meant in addition to the framed pic not the choc overshadowing the pic, crazy or what! :P
However, I'd love to know if you have something better in that cute mind of yours.
Okay, I'm gonna write a separate post for us, but for now, no. It's celebration time, right!
You, staring at the screen. Yes you, think baby think and drop it here. Please Be quick. I will be waiting :D

Love, Risha :) 


  1. :D if he is a best friend, i wonder if a photo of you two would go down with his girl later on... but you know more how the relationship is....

    i would give a good leather wallet <3

  2. You can probably make a short video with a picture slideshow of you and your bestie highlighting a handful of the special moments that the both of you have spent together.

    Something on the lines of this perhaps

    Cheers :)

  3. awww...thats sooo bitterly sweet:) :(..I cant imagine this happening to me..but yeah its a part of life..Rish..u asking the wrong person..that is me:P..Haven't had many guy friends...and well they leave us with no choices anyways. Better still write a letter saying everything that u wish to:) I always do that for ppl who matter a lot to me. Getting a pic framed is a great option but I kinda second Chintan:P

  4. ROFL @ Chintan's comment :D XD :D

    give a book (if he likes reading)

    or maybe, a boxing gloves :|
    (my Bf would love to get these :D )

    a cartoonish or Zodiac pillow?? (you can get these at pantaloons/westside) :|

    sorry Risha. nothing else are coming to my mind :D I totally suck in these matters!

  5. Get him some accessory he uses in day-to-day life, say headphones. Customize it, make a doodle over it, write something for him, so that it stays and reminds him of you from the distance..


  6. Get a plain white tee and make each of your hand prints over it and give it to him as a souvenir for the remembrance of your bond, now and forever..:)

  7. Umm I think a cd with pictures of you and him...and maybe a few other memories would be nice... and umm you could write something for him... I'd love to get something like that :)

  8. Both of your pictures printed on greeting card or a mug.
    That's cute.

    A wristwatch.
    Would be nice.

    The T-shirt idea seems different and cool. Good one @Priyanka

    Whatever you give, as long as you really mean it, that'll be more than enough for him :)

    Stay Blessed ^_^

  9. Write some of the best things you love in him, how you felt when the feelings started building etc and photos, books also can be option..

  10. Videoooo!!! :D
    or umm.. i dunno how 'senti' guys are with a picture scrap book..
    Customized jersey?? For some weird reason, UK always reminds me of Jerseys and woolies! :P

  11. Give him a teddy..i know guys doesnt like teddy bear..but tell him the teddy represents you,and whenever he misses you, the teddy will surely make him smile..:):)

    ..and make sure the teddy is cute!!! :):)

  12. Oh, I agree with both Atrocious and aJ, VERY sensible ideas.

    And if he's into reading and stuff, get a beautifully customized diary and fill up the pages with memorable events of your friendship... Like from the day you met to the day he's leaving and then leave a few pages to signify that it's not over yet, nor will it ever be.

    This will mean a LOT of work on your part but trust me, will be worth every single word you put in:)

  13. Awww, I like the idea of the photo fram with some chocolate and stuff, it's a classic :D
    I never know what to get for guys :/ its so much easier to shop for girls!
    haha, I don't really know what to add to the suggestions above. I really like the idea of giving him a hoodie, something he can wear all the time :D

  14. I would say photobook by HP snapfish, Put all the nice pictures of both of you, it will take 2 hours to design it and HP will deliver it within 48 hours. Don't forget to write some nice quotes while making the photobook online.
    Or else, gift him whatever you want, just put quotes like, don't miss me when you wear this(if it's a shirt) or don't miss me when you read this book (if it's a book) and so on ...

  15. I've never been good at choosing gifts. I'll let this one pass. But a photo frame is good.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  16. Awwwww.. I love you all for such cute ideas. Yes, I'm gonna do something real special. Will tell you soon. And, You people are awesomely awesome. Thank you Thank you Thank you. I'mma dancing like a Ninja :D :) :*

    So much Love, Risha :)

  17. Get him a diary and write all the crazy, funny, emotional, friendly moments u had with him.. draw cute pics .. stick photos..
    I am damn sure he ll love it and cherish it forever! (Experience speaks ;-) )

    Wishing ur friend a Good luck :-)

  18. Give him sumthing unique , if you wana give tee than take a look here

    or if he loves video games then like trackmania 2,battlefield DVD with photo frame will be good.

  19. Along with a framed picture, give him some of the movies you guys have seen together! Or the songs the two of you love.
    Make him a cd. Fill it up with random stuff. Draw him something, make him a card! Write something for him :)

  20. @ Everyone here: First things first, I can't thank you people enough. I mean you all are in word, AWESOME :)Secondly, I did make a card for him, thought of pasting a pic of the two of us inside but then Technology whispered otherwise ;) Instead, I wrote tiny cute li'l messages for him inside :)
    Also, a group pic and some daily use stuff. This was enough to make him happy, actually, more than that :P
    And philo, spot on girl. :)

    Love you all, Risha :)

  21. if you listen to music, how about a going-away playlist/mixtape? XD and some good ol' book if he likes reading with a good dedication written on the fly leaf.

  22. @Aasiyah: Wow, would be perfect :) Thank you sweetie :)

    Love, Risha :)


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