Sunday, March 11, 2012

You thinking of shedding those threads? Oops.

Previously when I used to get angry, all I would do to take that shit off my head was getting a new haircut. 
The point is, did it help? 
To a certain extent, it did. 
Salon visits have always been a treat to me, regardless of the length I lost during the process. 
I do cherish long flairs but once in a while, change is all you need. *I haven't tried the bald look yet*

You must be wondering, why are we discussing this anyway. Well, I have seen so many people making a fuzz out of their new hairdo's. Crying "Oh I miss my lovely hair so much", giving that you-are-so-going-to-pay-for-this look to the stylist, ending up paying the cost themselves. Intrusive, why do they blame those poor souls who did exactly the way they asked for in the first place. Were they expecting the very hairdo they saw in one of those niche magazines?
I understand the excitement but honestly, Nope. Never. 
It's all about hair texture and volume and face shapes and rest, the experts will tell you better.
Practically, the stylists only modify your look and do not transform it completely. No one can. (Plastic surgeons and cosmetologists excluded from the forum). And, if you want to smile the same way you did before shredding off those precious locks, check on some points. 
First and the most crucial one, be sure YOU actually want a new look. Getting it done just for the sake of it won't help. 
Second, cut down on the expectations part. Or at least, don't get them sky high assuming that you'll turn out like that Page 3 model you went swooning over for a week. 
Third, Be a sport and relax. Stop being too critical. Stop comparing. 
Last and the most fascinating one, Love the new you. You're fucking perfect anyway!
Adding a little more. 
Yesterday, while flipping across images on Google, similar stuff popped up. Some, impressive. Others, never mind.
Sharing some of them.
Here we go.

Calm down. Meeooww :D

In the meanwhile, check out "Fucking perfect" by "P!nk" *Wink*
Have a pretty one, mates.


  1. Lovely, funky, chilled out post! I once got a disaster done. Me or mum dunno who to blame actually. In my second grade I got a boy cut done, the next day I got to hear so much from my class!:/ swore that day never ever to get that haircut done again! Wow! I wonder how much anger pushes u to the salon? Which makes me wonder that: does she gets angry too rarely?? I liked the pix! They were great! I have a thing for nice hair buns. The one here with the braid looks fab! :)

  2. Talking about hair, I don't understand how can someone spend 1700 bucks on haircut and still look almost same. o_O
    And they claim they went to the best salon in town ~_~

    long hair are a turn on :D

    Stay Blessed ^_^

  3. I used to cut my hair to release stress or my rage :D BUT I did it on my own, during shower! It really helps and I'm always happy with the outcome hehe.. But now, I'm not sure will it be helpful, never try it anymore :)

  4. Those women <3 Their hair <3
    Ah. I sort of NEEDED this post. Sucky haircuts can make me behave like a crabby old lady for weeks. I guess you're right then :|

  5. Getting a new haircut does add a zing to d boring life ;-)
    Nice subject to ponder on.. anyways this brings me to d question "wat did u do wid ur hair lately??" :-P
    picture collection is amazing :-)

  6. That was 'hair' raising.. :)

  7. Nothing like a haircut to cheer you up. Provided you get it right ofcourse :)

    I got my waist long hair cut into a bob with a fringe 2 days ago. Initially it used to hurt when I cut my hair but now naah, its the comfort that matters.

    I love my hair the way it is and like how Chintan once said on my post, chopping off hair sometimes wards off negativitely. Its entirely how you want to see it.

  8. Lovely images and their hair cut dear.. How I wish I cud try some new hair style like these beautiful girls in your post. But, I have even lost the count since how many years I am stick to the same hair cut. And the fact is I am scared to try new one too :-P It was fun reading the post.. *hugs*

  9. @ Aakriti: Those weird hairdo's, we all have had them in childhood :D
    And anger as in real anger, not those petite things, so. And yep, It works for me. Go for a hair bun sometime for a change, you'll look good :)

  10. @ TGITM: 1700 bucks :D That's a lot of it. The maximum I remember spending on the same were 750 and it made me look slightly better :P
    About long hair, so true, I love them!

    Cheers, keep rockin'

  11. @ Fida: So you're there already, prefect. And try it again the next time you get that dreadful feeling, it will help for sure :)

    Cheers, girl!

  12. @ Ruhani: The first thing you see when you check yourself in the mirror is your hair and that pretty much explains the way you feel during those sucky haircut times! :D
    Let them flow freely, I'll say!

    Grab a beer and cheers, Sweetie :)

  13. @ Giti: Lately, Umm, I got a new hair cut and am in love with it totally! :D Good to see you after sucha long time sweetheart!

    Love, keep rockin'

  14. @ Soumya: *Hugs* You said it so well, Darlin' :) It was like giving a short Summary to my post.

    Cheers, Love :)

  15. @ MNET: Thank you girl. Your words never fail to make me smile. And try a new style soon and post your pic, Id love to have a glimpse of the new, even prettier you!

    Keep Rockin', Hon :)

  16. gorgeous mane of these ladies do no favour but get me all envious :D
    and ya I am those lame chick who does "I miss my long hairstylw" after every damn haircut :D

  17. I have awarded you on my blog!
    Check it out! :D :D <3

  18. @ Ananya: This WAS posted to get people all envious anyway, Sheer honesty, ya'know :D

  19. I love experimenting with my hair and trying out new stuff :) It's fun :D
    I love the pictures :)

  20. I totes agree with you! Going to the salon somehow relaxes me too. I had my long hair cut short (not too short) last year and I must say, it was quite liberating! :)

    P.S. Thanks for checking out my monthly movie picks!

    Lots of love, B
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  21. @ Philo: It sure is, the relaxation that comes along is incredible, you know! Cheers :)

  22. @ Bree: Yay, sounds cool! And I'm sure you rocking teh same way as before in this new cut too :)
    Your welcome girl. Cheers!

    Love, Me


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