Monday, April 2, 2012

Kick that Illusionary-Smart-Ass!

People see you dying and fighting hard for life,
And wow, they feel good inside,
They try to console you in every possible way they can,
Making you think they going to be with you till the dead-end,
You, like a lost, love-sick puppy get twisted deep,
In that gold plated mesh they cleverly weave,
Playing mind games and coming out clean,
It's you who suffer and they still enjoy the damn scene,
For once, question yourself, 'Am I seriously this weak',
I bet you ain't sweetheart, you're just another prey they need,
Unintentionally killing yourself by their selfish greeds, 
Doing everything the way they want and still celebrating glee, 
Wake up fool! Your bloody happiness is being creatively peeked,
it’s your life anyway and who the heck is 
Or she 
Or they 
Or me
To blow it away in cruel streaks!

Check out "We Found Love" by "Rihanna ft. Calvin Harris" in the mean while.
Have an electrifying one mates and guess what, Life's such a celebration!! :)


  1. Yeah you gotta knock the weakness off girl! :D

    I'm feeling so inspired now. :)

  2. This poem indeed delivers a meaning, and seems coming from the heart which had actually experienced this drift... nice one Risha...

  3. I love you :)
    Hehe.. Good one Risha:)

  4. LOVEd your blog! Following you now and really looking forward to read what you've shared here! :)

    Glad glad glad I found you! :)


  5. @ Sunakshi: Mission Accomplished :D Cheers sweetheart!

  6. @ Hemant: Pretty true, mate.
    Thank you :)

  7. @ Sonia: Love you back :) Thank you!

  8. @ I do, I do: Gracious and A warm welcome to my li'l cyber space Hon :)

    Love :)

  9. @ TGITM: Thank you :)
    God bless you too, fella !

  10. Which means that I say 'Cut the crap and die already' to such love struck loners? :O

    I'll stick to pretending. Why torment a departing soul? :P

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  11. @ BA: Departing soul, seriously? :D
    I don't think so. Re-read this one please, it ain't Love :P

  12. Nice one crafted, and surely proving the old saying- friend in need is a friend indeed, and here it's clearly seen that how a person have two face story.

  13. @ Sahil: :) Not only friends, this goes for everyone out there.
    Cheers :D

  14. Awesome post for dreadful people, Risha! :)
    I'm like suoer inspired with this post.
    I'm gonna kick them one by one starting today. :D

    1. Haha, gracious lady :D Go paint the town with your fav color ;)



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