Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Come what may!

"Damn this work", she yelled silently to herself. It wasn't the job, not even the stress, something deeper was bothering her since long.
The mere thought of being left alone is gloomy. Dissected and secluded, worse.
"What should I do to get things back in place", she pondered.
Her work took a toll over their personal life, eating up all the time meant for the two.
All he ever wanted from his little girl was a portion of her time. It was enough to drive him throughout the day, enough to make him dance in the rain singing love songs.
Vulnerable she felt for she failed to strike a balance. Neither could she walk away from the job, nor could she see him suffering.
"Look at you, love. You've become so weak. Those dark patches below your angel eyes are a proof of the amount of hard work you're putting in. I understand you can't let this go but...". He became silent, resisting the urge to complete the mighty sentence.
'Twas an intense moment. They were video chatting on Skype. Seeing each other after almost a month and a half.
"But? What is it? Tell me please", she was curious and scared.
Being well aware of her stubborn nature, he gathered courage and continued.
"But... it's not the same as before. You struggle to take out time, over burdening your tiny self to please me. I keep waiting at this end of the world for that one sweet text or call. My cocoon which breathed in your fragrance turned into an envelope of nothingness. Smothered I feel thinking about the good old times". He paused for breath.
"Parting away would help. Build up yourself again. Concentrate on the work. Stop worrying about me. I love you and I promise to be there whenever you need me but for now, take a break and pamper yourself. I don't want you to grow up so early, remain a kid, hop around. Your happiness is my priority and I can do anything to get that cheerful smile back. When you'll sink in this complicated work life balance, we will resume everything", he waited impatiently for her reaction.
" I..I..can't.. let.. you.. go.. like.. that", she went numb.
The word 'Break up' tore her apart. It wasn't even close to the last thing she could think of. It was more of a nightmare and she wanted to wake up. Then and there.
"Let's plan things. I will manage time, regardless of the work and you try to keep yourself occupied", she tried to calm him down.
"I know you. You will look for excuses to talk to me and have to work on the weekends in return", his voice, trembled a little this time.
"I will take care of the pros and cons. Please don't go. I will never hurt you, promise", a tear rolled down her eyes.
"Sweetheart, it's not about me. It's about you. You have so much to look after already, I am just an unwanted treat", he misunderstood how she valued him.
"You have no idea what you mean to me. I won't be able to do anything in your absence", she pleaded.
Phone disconnected.
Watching him drifting away choked her to death. Drowning her deep below the surface.
"Packing bags and flying away to his land would serve the purpose for sure", she wondered in anticipation.

"So, you coming to pick me up, right", she loved to surprise him.
"Pick you up? From where? What do you mean, Hon", he felt strange.
"You know I'm bad with directions. In February when I came, you were there. Come now also", she giggled with joy.
"B..a..b..y.. where are you?", he felt a sudden blood rush.
"Umm, I guess, around 100 meters from your place", she danced to the tune of her heartbeat.
"What! Swear on me", he was happy as never before.
How times change. Previously, who used to wake up next to each other, now longed for one brief glance. It was their moment. One they waited for so long.
"You came all the way here just to save our relation", he was touched to the core.
"No silly, to shop", they held back tears.
"Will you hug me now, we can yap yap later", she had always been this crazy.

Relationships, one thing that superimposed all the grey areas of her life, filling in light and hope, cheering her up even in the darkest times.
To him, she was everything. Even more.

Check out Because I love you by Shakin Stevens in the meanwhile!
Have a cute one, mates :)


  1. Wow! Things people to do save a relationship. Best part, it's all worth it :D

    What a comeback! I missed you :D
    I thought you stopped blogging.. Can't wait to hear more from you :D ♥

    1. How very sweet of you, darling :)
      Thank you so much <3

      Hugs >>:D<<

  2. sweetheart! that so deserved a biiiiiiiiig hug! when i started reading this, i was thinking "pls don't give me another breakup story". and yay baby! you gave me a lovely story instead. gave me the heart warming fuzzies.

    tc =)

    1. Aww, hugs and love to you too :)
      Keep rocking!
      Thank you <3

  3. Hey awesome profile picture this is! :)

    Nice post!

  4. Surprises are one of the best things in a relationship :) They get the hearts leaping :D
    Nice short read :)

    1. Yep. To keep that spark alive! :)
      Thank you <3

  5. We all crave for happy endings! <3 Write often, ok! :*

    1. As the saying goes, 'All's well that end's well' :D
      Okay Bro :D

  6. Aww..looovely:) how I miss u Risha :) <3 it was chooo chweet. Sigh... Somethin has gone missing from my end for blogging now... It's no more the same. How have u beeeeeen??

    1. I've been pretty okay :D And write when you feel like, forcing yourself won't help anyway. Chill and thank you so much girl :) <3

  7. wow. wow. wow.. That was truly amazingly beautiful :) Loved it dear :) xoxo..

    1. Did I tell how I love your sugar coated comments :D <3
      Thank you, pretty :)
      Much Love!

  8. And I was just thinking of double checking the guys background :D

    Beautiful read!

    Blasphemous Aesthete

    1. Don't worry, he is suppa awesome :D :D

      Thank you.

  9. this is awesome risha.....very interesting i must say........n wonderful

    1. Thank you Harpreet :)
      Keep visiting !

  10. Very nice love post, Risha! :) I soooo love it. I'm like, having a relationship similar into this and it's kinda... hard. :(

    Anyway, I'm from the Philippines! You may visit my humble blog if you want to. :)
    Lots of thanksss! ♥

    1. Aww, how sweet :)

      Thank you a heap for being able to relate to the post! You write beautifully, you have a new follower. Keep coming back pretty Philippines Girl :) !!

      Cheers and lots of Love <3


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