Monday, May 28, 2012

Light it up, Summer!

Seasons - they bring along so many harmonies. Swirl you around in a cyclone of glee. Dancing like a silk feathered birdie on your tiresome brain, tickling your brain cells, tempting you to give in.

Painting you yellow out in the sun, Drawing a silver lining over you in the embedded moonlight, Lighting up those eyes in the blissful droplets, Relaxing you with warm coffee on those lazy winter mornings, Helping those crispy maple leaves sway about in your smooth threads.
Never missing out on you, no matter what.

Summers, synonymous to 'freedom' is the season to dig your feet in.
Applying sun screen over your happy skin and dipping in the sun kissed wind,
Sipping in chilled sweet cola, 
Gorging  upon watermelon and spilling the juices all over,
Preparing ice creams and icing them with blueberry and lemon,
Going for fishing in the evening, 
Collecting sea shells and saving them in your favorite antique bowl, 

Walking on the wet grass barefoot in the nearby park,
Enjoying a water squashy balloon fight,
Sinking in the aromatic summer oil  for that refreshing bath,
Catching those sparkling fireflies, 
Reading cute books together all night long on the terrace,
And waking up to a little bit more sparkling you!

Have fun, let go of all the odd memories, breathe in the clean sunshine and who knows, on your way, you too meet someone as special as my partner in crime, Kyra!
My love for summer, ignited by this contest right here.
Check out the facebook link too, fellas.
And don't forget to tune into 'Sweet Like cola by Lou Bega' in the meanwhile!
Smile pretty. Love :)


  1. Beautiful descriptions :) The formation was lovely! :)

  2. BEAUTIFUL! =)
    All the best of luck with the contest Di!

  3. very Lovely.. ALl the best for the contest dear :)

  4. @ Sonia: Thank you Sweetie :)

  5. @ ! - İzdihër - !: *Smiles*

  6. @ Silence Unplugged: Crackhead loves you too :*


    loved the post <3

  8. i tagged you in a post. :D

  9. First time on your blog. Olive it. That's code for (I love it). You've got a new follower!

  10. @ Ridx: Thank you pretty heart <3 :*

    Cheers :D

  11. @ Zeebs: A warm hearty welcome :)
    Thank you. Olive sounds nice :D

  12. Loved the rhyme....
    Feel good article; though I hate delhi summer :)

  13. @ Hemant: Yes, delhi is known for Extreme-weather. Be it summers or winters :D
    Thank you!


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