Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mephobia - Word of the day

Ask me a question. Frame it like, How do you knack off stress during a tough spot.

I will stare at you, tweak in your otherwise normal brain and grab an eye contact or your attention (whatever applicable).

I would even weigh the intensity, how badly you want it (my opinion, you polluted mind). Whether you REALLY wanna know or it's just another act.

Or maybe, cross question you for a reason. To understand the plot better. To shape my words. Do not give me a circle. I like squares. And cubes. Pyramids are okay till your interest lies nowhere close to its mathematical formula. My math is awesome, I don't even remember how to multiply.

Play an AC/DC song. Highway to hell is my all time fav. The supernatural and whild hogs, anyone? Me and my sis are bros. I'm Dean, for obvious reasons. And we love Harley Davidson. It was even her project topic this year. I like Pink Floyd too. Coming back to life would be perfect. 

Bake me some desserts, it's the opposite of 'stressed' but who cares. That already diverted your mind? It was this simple. Should have told me before, kid.

Offer me 'The cream of the youth' spa. Not for luxury but for the peace it brings along. No, I didn't check this page. It bumped into the innocent me.

Narrate me a story. A real incident. Put in some efforts. Give me a few sarcasm definitions. One liners would do. Make me laugh. I'm in for a treat. Almost always. You give away brownies, right?

I forgot to answer that question you asked a while ago. Crap.


  1. you ll have to pay for that :P

  2. I hug my teddy bear & sit him on the stool next to me. "Barkeep!" I shout. "A bowl of tequila with a crazy straw, please."

    1. Count me in. I will come with my own teddy though :D

  3. Haha, I have this fear. :D

  4. My gosh this was randomly phobic ;)

  5. I like gently curved cars and sharp corners otherwise, specially in cells and cellars. So I square up things to edge over it. Circles? Umm maybe.

    And no, you are innocent, all the bizzare things just bump into you on nooks and corners :P

    Blasphemous Aesthete

    1. "So I square up things to edge over it" Naize, Hi-Sharp-Five for this :)

      Yes, blame them. Evil, they are :D

      Double Cheers!

  6. awesome stuff like that bumps into me and drives me crazy. so not my fault!

    1. We are innocent babies indeed :D :D


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