Saturday, July 28, 2012

For the prettiest girl I know!

Being sad, unhappy, and knocked down is easy, getting up and fighting back is what you need to do.
Fate seems to play hide n seek almost all the time. It's like been there done that. 

You say, It's not easy to smile with a lump in your throat, But, is it really easy to feel sick and yell at everyone you know?

Crush those complicating voices in your head. You can't just sit back and behave like a chicken. Stop complaining, cribbing, and talking like miss-i'm-the-only-one-who-is-going-through-this. That's what cowards do. You ain't a coward. Take it sportingly. Nothing can slow you down. You're stronger than you think. Don't give up. May be there is a learning somewhere.

Go mend those relations you screwed up in this while. Saying sorry won't hurt either. Get back in your happy skin. Pull yourself together. Cry, if that helps.

Shit happens, so what. Remind yourself, it's never about the ending, always about the story. 

Smile now, if you wanna win that award down there!

P.S: I have been feeling like sick for so many days now. Just wanted to vent out. So, that was me talking to myself. Writing heals. Period. 

Tune into "Coming Back To Life" by "Pink Floyd" in the meanwhile. Ice cold beer, anyone? :)

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  1. While reading i thought are you getting stray from the topic or your title but in the end when i read p.s i understood you just getting healed and true to say thats what happens when you write to yourself or for yourself.

    And as far ice cold beer is concerned for sure. ;P

    1. Right. When you try to make yourself understand, you blabber unwanted stuff :D
      I totally agree with your comment, I did beat around the bush while penning this one down. But in the end, as you saw, it helped me! :)

      Ice cold beer, let's get going bud :D

    2. For sure you totally explained what one goes through when writing something he can never plan to write, just flows.

      which beer you prefer?

    3. Oh well, that beer thing is superficial :D Chuck it!

  2. :D whenever u feel like that, eat a chocolate, bake brownies, dance, sing and GET BACK TO LIFE. <3

    1. You nailed it. I will happily pass on that coffee crown (the one in the image :D) to you, madame :)

    2. oh wow. :D SO IT BELONGS TO ME NOW. ;)

      Thanks a whole lot. I love people like you.

    3. YES, ALL YOURS!! :D

      And your welcome pretty :)

  3. Optimistic side there! Nice :)
    While reading it, a part of me said it's easier said than done. But honestly, it isn't that difficult. Have been doing this for a while now. Reconnecting with pals, mending relationships, believing in happy endings and living my life to the fullest. And I have to agree, life is sooooo much better now! ♥

    I'm glad this venting phase has helped you love. Smiles :D

    1. That's how one must live. You're on the right track, cute!
      Saying/Writing/Discussing helps. I picked Writing and it didn't let me down, it never does :)

      Bless you! *Smiles back with a complimentary hug :D*

  4. Hello.
    Sorry to hear you're not feeling well. Writing does help, so why not try your hand at writing a line of 15 words or less for the Lovers' Cove might help you feel better (smile). For more, click here...

    1. No no, don't feel sorry cuz I'm feeling super awesome already! :D

      And that contest, lemme see :)

      Keep visiting!!

  5. Hey,

    So, did you speak to the mirror today? =)

    try this:
    go to google, turn of instant search, and type "Who's the cutest". Press 'I'm feeling lucky', and you will like it :)

    (Or maybe, just follow the first link after you search for 'Who's the cutest" :P)
    Blasphemous Aesthete.

    1. Yes I totally did :D I do it every time I feel low :)

      And for that little game you made me play, Thank you, it was cute :)

      Keep Rockin'

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