Sunday, October 7, 2012

Astro Spree 7: Libra

Remember the Astro series I introduced last year? Gonna continue with the same.
Exploring Venus for now.

Libra ( September 23 to October 22)

Are you under an impression that they are all love and charm and sweetness and sunshine? Okay, read on!

Usually good-natured, they adore people and are ridiculously great listeners. On the other hand, hate large crowds, can be rude, restless, stubborn and grumpy. The reason that this sign is associated with scales doesn't imply that they are accurately stable. High and low, low and high, weighing, measuring, swinging and then a dip until there's perfect balance. It's like dawn prayer enchanting.

Talking about the way they look, they are pleasing, non-apparent and have dimples (face, chin, or knees). Interestingly, they're the only ones who can say "You're a looser and I'm going to hit you in your filthy face" and still sound like reciting a love song. Their face might remind you of a box of chocolates or caramel sundae crowned with whipped cream. Irrespective of the mood, they manage to look calm on the outside masking a delightful mild expression. There's one more trick in mastering the characteristics - a bright chirpy laugh ringing with merriment. Once you've witnessed it, there's no way you will soon forget it.

Indecisiveness comes naturally to them. First, they give caution to wind trying to monopolize an argument. Then they play the role of peace makers, listen intently and iron out everyone's frizzed edges. And then, favor the other side, initiate a brawl for pure enjoyment. They do seek harmony, yet a majority indulge in excessive eating, drinking or smoking completely upsetting the food wagon.

Laziness is in their veins flowing with their thick red blood. For days and weeks and months together, they can be too weary to play. Inadvertently, they plop down in a sinking bag, imitating their favorite exhausted expression struggling to move a muscle. After a while, they regain their senses, once again, work like jenny in a hoop, strike an incredible symmetry precisely planning all the chores with cinch.

Normally, they're healthier than most of us. During illness, all they need is prolonged rest, soft music and soothing words.

The word, 'Comparison' sets them up. They can compare all night, with slight refreshments and pauses. They will lay down a list of advantages of engineering over medicine citing all the possible developments held by the former even if they themselves are a dentist and leave you in serious dilemma. In case you favor the opposite side, they will narrate instances when humanity would have seized in the absence of doctors. They don't care which side they are on till they are on 'The Other Side'. Utter them about a flick you like and they will show you the downfalls. Say bad about another and they will highlight the strong points. What they really want is the naked truth, and that's the reason behind all those permutation and combination.

Rarely any of them is snobby or eccentric. They are usually honest and careful. With a noticeable ability to sink in deep subjects, they're born with a fondness for books and true respect for the printed word. You are most likely to find a library in every Libran house. They heart the harmony of melodies, colors, poetry and everything which is rightly knitted. An artist skin-deep, they love spreading happiness at parties and social gatherings.

In a gist, seasons hold their secret. Winter's way too chilly for them and summer's burning. Offer them an amalgamation of the two, blissful autumn or spring instead!

Have a balanced one, mates!


  1. Hiyya... This post is such a fabulous one which listed out most of my characters :) And thus am a Libran too :) Thanks for such soothing post :) Keep up your good work...

    1. I'm glad you could relate to it! Thank you so much for your words :)
      Keep Visiting!

  2. Wow!...So good to read this post!....Most of them are so true! Thanks for sharing :)


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