Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hey October!

September's been okay. But October has always been special.

Be it the beginning of winters or Diwali round the corner or my sissy's birthday, I heart this autumn-beginning-season like nothing else.

I am planning for Halloween's party on the 31st. The one who suggests a unique costume can win chocolate cupcake with world tour. Kidding people, I ain't that rich.

Have you heard of Durga-Puja? Off-course. A friend invited me to the celebration. Everyone (Ladies obviously) draped in red and white saree with bold bindi, an exhaustive festive aura. Unparalleled fun it is.

Did I ever tell you I love going to festivals never been before? Specially with the natives. Learning about their culture and traditions, absolute bliss.

With this, I realized something. Those people who get a job of visiting assorted places and tasting a hell lot of local food there, they are so darn lucky. I want one of those jobs. Anybody there listening? ;)

Anyways, do you know about "New Girl"? Jess? It's a new TV Series on Fox. Watch it. Will make your stomach hurt laughing.

BTW, morning chitchat is like red bull. Thanks for bearing me, mate!

Tune into Letting go by Sean Kingston in the meanwhile.
Hope we have a lovely October ahead!

P.S: Blaming work for not being around is too bizarre, but that's really what I'm eloped with! 


  1. Supriyo Ghosh10/04/2012 2:16 PM


  2. <3 October as much as u do & dress snow white for Halloween...

    short swt words

    1. Snowhite sounds cute. Hi-OctLove-5 :D

      P.S: Welcome to I-topia, Ria!

  3. Sweet oct ....
    well impressive writing skills !!

    1. Thank you Shashank! Will visit your page right away.
      Keep visiting :)

  4. Sweet oct ....
    well impressive writing skills !!


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