Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Wedding Dress

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Have you ever wondered what dress you gonna wear on your wedding day
Nobody's tying the knots here, 'tis just a simple question babe,
What would it be like, a regular fit or pro designer stunning drape,
As simple as a stole or gaudy as gold and red tape,
Will it turn the heads or pass to the bride chair straight,
Would'ya be comfortable or fighting for one breathe to take,
Will it be sun-kissed yellow or midnight blue or pink/orange/maroon old same tray,
Will you tuck the edges in your thumbs or let it sway its way
Will you act like a spoiled chick or delicate angelic mermaid
Will the pattern be lacy or embossed with mirrors and pearls and beads in a pallet
Will you shimmer on the dance floor or keep yourself from those naughty preys
Will you smile every time and pose for the camera and crowd there
Your tattooed hands under the chin or near the eyes or don't know where
Will you long for food or juice sip or just chill and act brave
Will you bow down for all the relatives or prefer 'Namaste'
Will you touch gloss up every minute or won't really bother nay,
Will you be nervous and tired or fresh as a daisy base
Will you kiss your future husband in one go or just shy away
Will you give your parents tight beary warm hug or cry for heaven's sake
Will you dream about your first night or shut the fuck up and stare here and there
Will you pray for an amazing life or start missing your family instead!

P.S: This just came. Out of nowhere, yes. I haven't been to even a single wedding this season, wasn't family and adosi-padosi-weddings are annoying so. Tune into It's Time by Imagine Dragons in the meanwhile. Have a nice weekend. Love!


  1. Idk much about Indian weddings but I do know its lavish, grand and loaded with jewelry. Your narration is light-hearted, funny and interesting. Wrote poem after awhile and wrote well ((:

    1. Come over to India and I'll make sure you see a lot of 'em. Glad to see ya here.


  2. This is awesome Risha. Before I answer you, I ll just tell you one thing. I am really allergic to marriages and stuff but I think its one flavour of life that one should not fail to enjoy.

    about the wedding dress: since im not even near to get married or engaged, i have never wondered but I would like to wear a real heavy dress. designer stuff. this is because I have never worn any heavy dress and on that special day, i would just compensate for all the times i have not.

    and as far as I know myself, i would be really comfortable. enjoying my day. <3

    spoiled babes. obviously. may be a little delicate. hahaha. but basically im not the shy-type. :D

    i ll def smile and pose for the camera. loads and loads of clicks!

    i ll try to look fab till the end of the i ll prolly check if my makeup is okay. :p hahaha.

    Fresh. I ll make sure im not sleep-deprived or anything so that I can enjoy max. :D

    a warm hug and i ll ask my mum not to cry. im not dying. :p im just getting married. :D


    Shut the fuck up and just eat and talk to my friends and ENJOYYYY!!!

    I ll just hope for a trip to Venice. ;) You know that already!

    PS: Above all, I ll invite you. Chief Guest. <3

    1. Hahaha :D :D Actually you're right, now that its certain to take place, one should rather enjoy, not loathe and run away.

      Me neither likes heavy dresses, designer simple yet elegant stuff, yes please.

      Comfort over style, anydamnday
      Well, I'd be living those moments to the fullest, FTW :D
      Posing for the camera, bring it so awn
      Same pinch for that one :D
      Haha, yes, I'll keep bothering/teasing 'em though :D
      Me neither, what's the point :/
      Yes my love!!
      OMYGOD. Venice and being your chief guest. AWESOME.

      P.S: I'll bring my special someone along. Double date :D :) <3

  3. Loved the poem.
    I and my girlfriend often talk about how we want everything to be :D

    Stay Blessed ^_^

    1. Thanks. You and your girlfriend do a lot of stuff I write about here Shashank :D :)

      Bless you too!

  4. Made me live the moment!
    Such a beautiful piece!
    Marriages are melancholic to me, but seemed like a carried a moment of delight! :)

    1. Aw. Thanks.
      And marriages are not always that way sweetie, I think they are for good! :)

  5. I dream about my wedding all the time. Mostly of the person I'm marrying.

    ✗ℴ ♡

    +To Me It Matters+

    1. Quite in sync with your pen name :)


  6. I never dream of marriage or the person I would marry, but this one is awwsommee!!!

    * TaLk-SicK! Dark Angel! *

  7. this is cute - and well written.

    I am sure every girl thinks about this at some point or another ;-)

    1. Oh definitely, integral part of every girl's life you see!
      Thank you Raaji :)

  8. Great stuff. The humor, anxiety, excitement, and love in this is great.

    1. I'm surprised seeing your comment Sandy, you belong to a totally different country and still liked this so Indian kind of post. Made me happy. Thank you :)

  9. Oh, lots of times actually. Every girl must have, i'm sure:D
    I attended my cousin sister's wedding three days back, and believe me all the Victoria's Secret gifts that she'd gotten made me want to marry all the more. :P

    I hope you can find some time to visit my blog.
    Maybe we could follow each other? :)

    1. Hahaha those VS gifts are adorable man, love them ;)

      And I'd be right at your page Diksha, thank you for dropping by!

  10. A lovely post !
    Your blog has been nominated for the Liebster Blog Awards, please do check the link below :

    1. Thank you Tanya, I'd grab that lovely award with a wide smile :D :)

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  12. Hey!...Really vry nice...mrg...wen dis wrd comes in my mind...a mix feeling i feel al da time.

  13. Hey Shiksha, Good to see your comment here, Marriage is a mixed bag indeed :)

    Btw, how you doing and how's the new job?

  14. hey risha!
    i've nominated you for the liebster's award and here it is!

    1. Thanks Raphael :) Will post answers soon!

      Love, Me

  15. Wow! I am in love with your blog! You've definitely got a new follower! :)
    Would love for you to check out my blog! :)



    1. Hey new blogger, thank you so much. Right at your page :)

  16. This was lovely.
    I think every girl thinks of marriage at some point or the other. Very well put :)

  17. amazing...very well written... everybody dreams of something or the other and that is one of those things... keep writing :)


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