Thursday, January 10, 2013


“Cool party, what d’ya think?” Pooka, our new parrot asked her fellow pet, I (Tobermory).
Hold your thought preppie, lemme tell ya something…” said I to the innocent soul.

Mr. and Mrs. Blemly were celebrating their 25th wed-anniversary. The hall was huge with more than a dozen tables midst a mood of noisy expectancy. The interior was neat and the arrangements, flawless. Mr. Blemly, a middle-aged man with long brown hair and green eyes, was laughing and glowing with the guests. Lady Blemly, a cunning woman with charm and class, had a coterie of people around her, mostly male, all vying for just a glance. The party just began and guests were pouring in every minute.

“Not fair Mrs. Bennett. Only one drink? Try Horny Toad, you'll thank me said Lady Blemly to one of the guests.
“Your tiara is one to die for!” Blemly complimented Mrs. Stinson. 

She had always been over-flattering and an epitome of exaggeration.

In the meanwhile, enters Paul, her gym trainer ­– tall and handsome with an amazing physique. She and Paul have been in a physical relationship for four months now. Paul is not into her but compromises for money.

“Paul Baby I knew you’ll come. Short of money again, huh?” said Lady twirling her wine glass on the ruched tablecloth, giving him a soft-elbow nudge.
“It’s your anniversary, please stop it, he is staring at us”, said Paul sharply, referring to Mr. Blemly in particular. He moved aside and saw Dr. Appin ambling towards the couple.

“You and I are alive because of him. Despite all those fake controversies steaming up the town, he’s one of the nicest men I've ever met”, I enlightened Pooka.

“Did you invite him?” asked Lady.
“It’s a big day. Forget everything honey, he’s our family vet, greet him nice okay?” replied Mr. Blemly.
“How’d you even? What is wrong with you!” said Lady and angrily walked away.
“Thanks for dropping a visit Doc. I know its embarrassing but is the media still after you regarding my wife’s rape attempt?” asked Mr. Blemly raising his right brow.
“Ha ha, I've something interesting for the audience instead!” answered Dr. handing over the bouquet and champagne to Mr. Blemly.
“What? What is it? You got a life saver? Tell me!” asked Mr. Blemly, curious to death.
“You trust her blindly, don’t you? Watch this tape now. It has your wife’s truest self captured. I’ll give it to the cops and get myself released”, said Dr. with supreme confidence.
“What’re you talking about? My wife’s truest self, what is that supposed to mean?” asked Mr. Blemly trembling with shock and fear.

Dr. turned the lights off, putting the tape in the player.

“See for yourself”, said Dr. and loosened his black tie.

“Paul & her. What the heck? How can Tobermary spit all that shit? What’s going on here?” screamed Mr. Blemly raising his pitch with every word.

“Holy shit no! Tobermary can’t speak, she’s a cat”, yelled Lady out of a sudden burst of horror.

“Don’t put a show to save your filthy ass Dr. My wife’s innocent.” 
“Say something Darling or I’ll kill this bastard”, pleaded Mr. Blemly.
“You’re dead”, shouted Mr. Blemly catching the hold of Appin’s collar.

“Stop!” I jumped in.

“I can speak. I’m the witness. I saw all that happening”.
“Dr. Appin never tried to rape her. She attacked, assaulted him sexually. When he refused & threatened to tell you, she planned a fake controversy under his name. The whole town hates him ‘cus of your so called ‘innocent’ wife”, I explained.

“This doesn't surprise me. She used me because I’m poor. It’s my fault too, I needed money and she was an easy catch”, added Paul. 

Mr. Blemly held me in his hands, presuming to know more. I already said it all. Lady’s deeds were no longer under the dust. Dr. Appin earned back the respect and started living a normal life. Paul continued with his job, though a little broke now. Mr. Blemly filed a divorce case against Lady. For now, it’s me, Mr. Blemly, Pooka and Dr. Appin. A close-knit family, happy ever after!

That was an assignment and I thought of sharing it here. Tell me how it went and all, okay?
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Have a cute one, mates. Love!


  1. Awwwww :')

    This is so so so cute. seriously!

    I love how you described each and every detail of the party. and I totally love the end. The Happy Family!

    also, the name POOKA and TOBERMORRY made me go AWWWWWWW. :')

    ps: you can make that a really beautiful novel if you spice up this story. Its that FAB!

    1. Ohdearlord, bless the lady above infinite :)
      Thank you, never thought it would come out this cute and the otherwise makes me dance. Pooka and Tobermory were as random as ever!

      P.S: Aren't you just too awesome to say that. I'm bowled and flaterred :D

  2. Aww. Rish. I loved it. Damn cute ! And Tobermorry. kaise socha :O Itna acha likte ho!

    1. Awww, thank you Twishie :) Socha to Imagination se sab ;) :D


  3. What happened to paul? :o

    Happy new year :)

    Stay Blessed ^_^

    1. Hey thank you. I missed on Paul baby :D Will do something about him :)

      Lovely new year, bless you!

  4. Good one...Thanks for sharing:)

    Did you get a chance to check the website to manage editorial calendar easily for your blog and show your editorial calendar in your blog easily (optional)
    Thanks & Regards

    1. Thank you Malar. I checked the calender but I'm sorry, I won't need it mate! :)

  5. It needs a teensy bit of editing where referring to people is concerned because 'she' and 'he' occasionally get confusing but otherwise this was ace!
    Really Rish, you oughta make a series...and I really want to know what's going to happen next but that is if you continue it...
    Tobermory is exactly what I'd name my pet mouse who I'd dress up in Shakespearean costumes(yeah,like in Jenny Lawson's book!)...actually all the names here are adorable!
    Keep it up!

    1. Thank you Talitha, that was a very honest comment, I'd edit it again :)
      Making a series gonna take some time, lemme see if I can. U know, I always thought of naming my pet Chloe, like a little cat or cute dog sort of pet, mouse sounds cool too, sophisticated one's like you mentioned :D :D
      Thank you again, Love all the way :)

  6. Interesting story! Your imagination is splendid.

    And I second Talitha..just a little bit of editing is required. Otherwise the story is superb!

    Write a sequel na!! :)

    1. Aww you guys wanting a sequel :) Umm, lemme see :D
      Thank you Mirage sweetheart, Love!

  7. OMG. I love the new feel of your blog. Love it. :)

  8. Omg. This was such a beautiful narration!

    You sure have a thing of one-day-becoming-the-most-read-writer thingie!
    Hoping to read a lot more from you!
    Take Care :)

    1. Wow. Thank you Darling :) The most read writer, I'm not sure about that but your words did make my day!

      Keep tuned and you've a lovely blog yourself!



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