Sunday, March 23, 2014

Of times when I put on my Love-Guru uniform.

A hate message here and a sad poem there. The world, or may be the whole universe, is running away from this sacred emotion with the speed of light. It tears me off to see status updates like, 'Love doesn't exist', 'Screw you Mr. beloved', 'Who cares, f**k love', 'My friend is in love, poor soul, God bless' so on and so forth. Thanks to the movies Pyar ka punchnama, shaadi ke side effects, etc for adding in that extra seasoning. 

True that times have changed and it's not easy to find someone you can rely on blindly. True that the cases of infidelity and divorce are sky high. And sometimes things get messy even in the most perfect relationships.
But why do we blame the stupid cupid for all the worries?
Why can't we just give it one more chance? What if it works out this time? What if this person makes you forget about every other idiot you met but didn't deserve? What if he/she is actually the one

Being in love is like touching heaven while alive. Like butterflies in your belly dawn to sunset. A web so divinely intertwined with the strings of eternal purity. The feel of a dreamy star bed or enchanting purple lilacs. It's an incredibly beautiful state like no other. 

This little post is for every single soul out there who thinks love is not meant for him/her. If you already have someone, thank him for everything he/she has ever done for you. Cherish your bond and be honest to each other, irrespective of the infinite differences. And those of you still searching, believe that love's not biased or dwelling exclusively in the riches, it is bound to fill the void in your heart someday. It definitely will follow you in the dark and take you home. Hold onto trust, you strong creature, live it up and live it full. 

Tune into Regina Spektor 'Fidelity'. Thank me later ! 


  1. I just love this post Rishuuu. Yes I always see facebook brimming with such stuff and also there is an abundance of hate messages. You are right about love. Its a wonderful thing. But you know what happens when you have bad experiences, you try to avoid it instead of experimenting with yourself again. Its because you fear being destroyed by it. Nevertheless, I believe you have put forward a very awesome topic and there should be more love than hate. We should always be open about accepting love. Lets just pray that every good person in this world gets all the love he/she deserves. Lots of love. :)

  2. I know Riduuuu, shit happens, everyone has been through that. But one must look beyond the nonsense because that's not the end of the world. And we both replicate each other with more love than hate thing, it definitely is the need of the hour. Hi5 and thank you babe :) Sending love and hugs all wrapped in chocolate your way!


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