Thursday, March 31, 2011

First ever on First Blog !! :)

In April 2010, I created my First Blog page titled “Reality In Dreams”
Since it’s no more active, I'd like to share the very First Post I wrote on web!

"This is the first time ever I am writing my own blog..Kind of a different feeling a bit confused about what exactly to write but still ill give it a try.
Well to start with, let me tell you about the name of my blog.."Reality in Dreams"..
I am usually a very chilled out n peppy person..Who likes being in her own fantasy world..Dreaming is like an enjoyable experience for me..

n what I believe is
"A person without dreams is analogous to a body without soul.."

Being a typical scorpion in many ways i have always been a dreamer...And even if the world around me seems practical and mean, I try to give it my own flavour.. 

A lazy pampered child is what my friends usually address me with!

But I know in my hearts of hearts that someday I would definitely make it big in my area of interest..
And that is the reality in my dreams..!! "

Not bad for an amateur, I guess! 

It was this post and a few inspiring people, which helped me to come up with new ideas, to be interesting and to control flow of words so as to hold the reader’s attention till the end.
This reminds me of my complete online writing journey and will always be exceptionally precious to me!

As William Wordswroth has extraordinarily quoted:
“Fill your paper with breathings of your heart”


  1. Wow so this is how you started ! :D
    You know what honey pie you have made it really big in every one's heart.Your blog brings smiles on every one's face and this my dear is the toughest task let me tell you :)
    'Koi doubt mat rakhna dil me' ;) remember I said every dream born in your heart will come true ? Guess what you are living one such dream in this place.You might not even know and some crazy fan like myself in some part of world could be laughing his/her ass off there reading your words :D :D See how you are making people's lives better <3<3<3 God Bless you Moonlight, keep shining on us :*:*


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