Sunday, April 3, 2011

Friends For Life!! :)

EEE results out (Now, plz don't get into the rank thing, I won't tell anyway). And 'Cuz of the n number of blunders I committed, this is the college I finally landed up in, No I ain't mentioning the name even!
Yeah yeah , stop making those faces now.
Well, when I first stepped into my college, I had this obnoxious feeling of running away kahin door jahaan mein!!
Yaar, you don't even have no idea, what rocking college (sarcastically, readers, sarcastically), I, whoops, we all are stuck onto!!
And we here consists of a large number of awesomest, funkiest, coolest est est est people ever!!

Actually, our place is hugely flooded with them, can't really help it, you know!
So, coming to the masti part..
Lemme, start with the first day itself which was the Ragging day, huh!
I couldn't even figure out now, what the heck was up with the seniors, that day!
One came up to me, with his tapori gang, and asked, "Oe, did you see saregama", that's a show, in case you don't know! Wow, that rhymes ;)
Then he continued, "even if you didn't, tell me who was the guest last night", Ohh man, What a looser, Can't even differentiate between a G.k Quiz and Ragging, Still, the ball was in my court, so Taking advantage, I just came up with some random celebrity, And he started laughing, and seeing him so happy, the whole background toli accompanied this weird fellow. I reminded myself, C’mon Girl, you won't punch him in the face, Lol, whatever!! :D

I even drove a hypothetical car in the college bus, my neighboring mate singing aloud giving the feel of audio system in there, that dhoom machale song!!

Few days went by, and I got new friends, first one of 'em being shit, I mean sheetal ;)
Golu molu, natkhat baalika, Loves mastibaazi and is full on dirty.. :D
Second one being DD, a.k a div, nice, tall, motu girl who’s actually on the verge of becoming dirty ;)
Then, On one fine day, when I was pretty much obsessed with the Infinite series thing in mathematics, and this guy who looked no less than a nerd came to my rescue, Yes, our handsome Maako man, a k a kanuj!
He solved those problems and that was our first talk! I agree that was Ohh so out of focus  ;)
This guy being my bestie is a gem of a person and one of the nicest persons I've ever met!

Anyways,the attendance used to be a major issue that time, considering the fact, we were new batch and thereby didn't get a chance to set the professors. I think with this line, I somewhat cleared the took-for-granted-college-doubt, some of my readers had for me. ;)
There is a full list of Rofl incidents in my closet but for the time being, I'll cut the whole thing short and narrate only those which are worth mentioning!
For instance, the proxy sheet which had Lal badhshah and Srk present on it or the Baa prof who anyhow wore specs, but checked the time without them, maybe the Ed prof who had this funny habit of pausing at the alphabet, "S", or the fcp maam-confused-to-be-a-maid thing, or the chem maam fine when she hijacked our innocent cellphones, or perhaps the omi driver, cuz of whose style panti, I slipped down on the bus floor, Or that karan ka meko sadi kareli bulana,That shit singing for him, Tu hai mera karan, and bebo rolling on the floor laughing, or the acting of writing pages in the sessionals and getting 1 or 2 marks out of pity and how can I seriously leave out my bhaisaab masti with my cheeka goal a k a charu, damn I missed it like hell later on ..!! :)
Here, Lemme tell you a bit about Bakshi a k a Karan, Bebo mai bebo dil mera lelo, a k a Vaibhav and my cheeka goal a k a gs a k a charu. Bakshi, being from the other branch, is cute, stupid and full on tashni whereas bebo is on more on a serious side who manages to show his teeth’s in our company and is really a nice guy at heart and my g s, she was the only senior I felt comfortable with and the entire way from home to college and back became memorable and worth enjoying in her company, yaad hai apna Pool dance and G talk ;)
Summing the fun we had in these years,
The India gate chatai party, the bandar bandariya combo, the tug of war and shit, puru ka girna!
The farms, i mean kheton ke ultimate mazze, that flying of hair in the free wind, that smile on the faces, that cheerful atmosphere, that sexy pic collection ;)
The Gate coaching, Those Metro stairs, that sandy cool dude , that dilli jalwa, that pointing out on overweight girls and commenting itni-to-moti-hogi-hi-sheetal-tu, those ignore maar talks, those out-of-the-world-imaginations, those prize winning pj's on which we never got a prize, though, that's again a pj, those sneaking-from-the-class-moments, that Hi friends freak, that kabhi-na-xylo-book-karane-wala-mahindra, that beautiful chiknak chiknak sardar, that blooooo song, the yum chhole bhatoore and rajma rice, that 3 hrs lecture thought giving mini heart attacks on and off, that sleeping in the class and slapping the one who didn't, that photo session when bored to death, that janpath walk and bhaiya, dene wala prize batao baat, that washroom time include karke total time batana, those sweet dreams in which maako man treats us in Barista or Pizza hut, which unfortunately never came true,that Karan ki bhawna etc etc.
 The Purana Adda, Bole to Div's place masti, those videos we made, and those pics we took, those pantiya we did, that husnwaalo ne action, that tujhse naraaz nahi song steps :) :)

Thinking to myself what if I didn't get a good

college, I managed to get a handful of good friends :)
Thank you mates, for you gave me endless sweet moments I am gonna cherish throughout my life!
Glad that I met you :)
Proud to say that we are and will always be "Friends For Life"
Love ya all!! <3 :* :*


  1. I luv d way uh wryt!!
    Nyce rish sis :)

  2. hey!! i finalyy read it :P awsmmm loved it :) ♥♥ KAL (short for kalra) luv uh darling muhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa(On ur ahmm ahmm ) ;)

  3. so sweet.... all memories got fresh by reading dis
    it's awsome luv ya all.. :)
    keep smiling

  4. same is the case here:)

  5. same is the case here:)

  6. Finally got d tme to read it!!!!!!!amazng momnts wr doz munniiiiiii:)i litrlly flt cryng...uuuuaaaaaaa:(
    btttt 1 thng dt i lkd d most wz dt tag :"Frnds 4 Lfe"...v'l surely b....
    misss ya!!!!!!!njyyyyy lfe

  7. dats really cool style of narration... :-) impressive... :-)

  8. @ Tanvi: Thanks a ton for reading sissy! My pleasure :)

  9. @ Shit: For I am pretty blushy blushy right now after reading that comment, I wanna give u a tight warm hug!! :* U made my college life so much fun girl. Love you a ton!! :)

  10. @ Div: True motu :*:* and cute memories like these are meant to play flashback after a while. And yeah, we all love you too :)
    Hugs and smiles !!

  11. @ Bebo: Yo!! :) I am gonna miss your Rofl way of laughing like anything post college! Keep smiling :)

  12. @ Gs: Like I said, these moments gonna be with us for lifetime and beyond! I miss everything so bad myself. Pole dance and G talk, Man It was like crazy fun! Stay blessed. Love ya too my cheeka meeka goal :) :*

  13. @ Giti: Yeah cz wen it comes to describing the bunch of nikamme friends u have in ur basket, words start flowing like H20 :P:)
    Thanks sweety :)

  14. College days are after all, college days :D

    Mine are going to end soon...

    Thanks for rejuvenating the passion of enjoying each and everyday of college :)

    stay blessed ^_^


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