Thursday, April 7, 2011

"When I Am Just not Okay"

Here's a small poem I wrote sometime back,

When some unwanted thing crosses by and leave me with Agony and pain,
When I want someone to be by my side and match those steps I fear are lame,
When I know the reality but try hard to go near,
When there's so much to tell and just no one to hear.
When the world seems to cease in its own unusual way,
When Love and hope are the only words to pray,
When falling asleep at night shivers the hell out of my heart,
When I feel like rewinding it all and beginning from the start.
When things go wrong and there's no one to blame,
When some unwanted thing crosses by and leave me with agony and pain,

Will You Be there to help me then,
Will You still be there to understand me then,
Will You always love me that way,
Will You care for me the same way,
Will I be able to count the stars when I lay,
Will I be able to sing and dance and play,
Will I be able to make a happy day,
Will I be able to laugh it all away,
Will I be able to forget this fray,   
Will You seriously love me that way,
When I am Just Not Okay!

Courtesy: My Random Mind!! :)


  1. wow... loved it completely... :-)

  2. @ Gitika: Thanx a ton girl!! :)

  3. I think I was just transported to heaven. Really touching.

    God bless you ^_^

  4. just came across ur blog, amazing this one is !! : )


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