Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Here's to The cool Gate Rap song!!

Life's been hell lotta busy lately and everything was just rushing over.

Exams exams and more exams. Phew, finally I got this day, which I needed so freaking bad. Officially, I'd something lined up for today as well, but never mind, I m happy I got to sleep for long!!
Know what, when we were stuck onto the Gate prep thing in Feb, I wrote a Rap song for the same, I couldn't share it with you then, but would love to do it now.
Note to God: Give my Readers some strength and power to bear up with me and my so called cool hippie song, so here I go:

Heyy guys, howtcha duin', okay okay, we'll come back to this intro stuff laetta,
This goes out for our Gate exam, which is kinda greatta, Ugh ugh, not all 
Mathematics here sicko, quit solving that numerator over denominatta,
Now we gotta pull up our socks, start preparin', again those sleepless nights, Omg, no more fancy dreamin',
Damn, Some gonna work like shit, that aint no hit, a subject a day, Wait, is this some kind of a joke, you people now say, Haan!
Cool, I gotcha, and that no wrong, Fucking crap, cuz that's the reason I'mma writing this song,
Jeez, hope we keep our respect intact, Oh yeah Oh yeah, Too bad, No sad, 
Do a shorty bit, come out clean, see fellas, drop the tv, Cmon, no more idiotic Mr bean,
Now, M gonna take it all, concluding this suppa awesome discussion,
See ya all back again, in our next session, bye, have fun,
Wait, oops, I mean a li'l bit of both of 'em, Study like a hero, ekjaktly in full tashan,
Hell yeah tomorrow's our paper, everyone's in uttersome confusion..
Anyway, we all here so, Told ya my sweety bud, ready steady go ho!! ;) ;)
Lol, see , that's something i came up with when my micromind was preoccupied with so many other things. I know it made you wonder, "Girl, is that what you call A Rap, If yes, I feel so sorry for ya." :D
Well, all I wanted was to make you smile, regardless of the How's and Why's! It's been pretty long, after all.
Have a good one, mates :)


  1. Dat was freaking :-D

    i really wanna hear u rap dat up for me.. ;-)

  2. Haha, I'd love to, with all the glitters and everything. Gonna be Legendary!! ;)


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